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Title: Star Trek Adventures Character Sheets
Post by: Exusiai on April 09, 2020, 11:50:19 PM
So, we are testing something here. There is a new very easy to play Trek RPG out now called Star Trek Adventures. The people making it have even created an
ONLINE CHARACTER GENERATOR which can be found Here >>


A character has six Attributes, ranging from 7 to 12:

A character has six Disciplines, based on their training in Starfleet:

Focuses represent specialized subjects about which the character has more precise knowledge or experience. These Focuses can be any topic, and apply to any Attribute + Discipline combination where the Focus is relevant to the Task.

During character creation, you will be asked to select six focuses. A list of those can be found HERE >>

Lastly, certain steps will ask you about your character's VALUES a sample list can be found HERE>>>

NOTE this game does not recognize the existence of the SFMC. Most members of the SFMC will be from the Operations/Security Track. However, they can be from any track they so desire.  Also, there is a specific function for creating ENLISTED officers, so if you are playing an ENLISTED officer, please follow that track