Author Topic: READ FIRST! - Restrictions, Amendments, and Character Limits  (Read 3189 times)

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READ FIRST! - Restrictions, Amendments, and Character Limits
« on: December 13, 2010, 10:32:35 PM »
There is no current character limit, but please, keep it reasonable.

We will not be accepting Characters who are displaced in time from either the past or the Future without prior approval from the Storytellers.

The following races are not available for new characters:

-All life-forms not native to the Alpha or Beta quadrants without prior approval
-No god-like beings from any quadrant.
-The Q are Storyteller characters only.

No original creations without a writeup on the race and storyteller approval. Keep in mind if you create a race that has not achieved Warp Flight, they would not likely be in the Federation as the Prime Directive would prevent Federation contact with your race.  Star Trek spans several decades and introduced hundreds of different races we would prefer you to choose one of them.

No super-powers. This is Star Trek, not X-Men. You may have the normal superhuman abilities associated with your race but none beyond that..and even those may be disallowed if it is felt they threaten to disrupt the game.

All androids are restricted and require GM Approval.

No private vessels without prior approval from the Admins.

No Section 31/Intelligence/Temporal Investigations without prior GM approval.

Klingons and Romulans: since the room takes place on Federation Starships, members of these races will require significant back-story to be played.

Special note to Deltans, Orion Animal Women, and the like: A player character's emotional control power works on other players ONLY if the affected player says so. Otherwise, the character's will is too strong. NPCs are a different matter, of course, : If the GM says their power affects you, it does.
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