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Welcome to Altered Nation: Lost Horizon

Fight for the Future

What is Altered Nation Lost Horizon?

Horizon is a fictional city in Washington State, USA. The city itself mirrors our own present day reality with one major difference; Government cover ups, Alien technology, Relics of past era's, stories, visitors from other worlds are hidden around the globe and there are those among us who know of their existence.

In plain sight, an invisible war rages between two sides and the future of all humanity hangs in the balance.

Hero, Villain, Collateral Damage...which side will you choose?

Lost Horizon is a modern day science fiction roleplay that is driven by action and team collaboration regardless of which side you are playing on. It isn't based on any particular system but borrows media and themes from various sources including stargate, spycraft rpg, comicbooks and many others. Horizon is a room where we hope to combine free form character development with purpose driven storylines by including approved characters in the planning and holding of regular missions via Storytelling and Pull Down choose your own adventures. Please read our rules and visit our forum for more information before taking part in any roleplay.


From their ship the ATLAS, a displaced group of alien refugees, work together to protect Horizon from these threats and to maintain the blissful existence of the worlds population.


Hidden in the shadows of their glowing image, below the surface of the high security island facility just off the coast of Horizon, under the influence of an alien race called the Meta, the Eden Corporation and it's research lab, Egenics, hunt for and exploit whatever alien or otherworldly knowledge they can get their hands on.

Project Alpha

Set in fictional Sheridan and Horizon City, Alpha's follows a group of genetically altered humans created by a company called Eden.
The small mountain town of Sheridan harbors a dark secret. Since it's beginnings it has been an undercover site of human genetic testing. Deep in the mountains a hidden lab spent generations testing on human subjest. In the early 90's the facility was breached and the human test subject, Alphas, escaped taking the town hostage. Over night Eden disappeared and Sheridan has severed as a sanctuary for Alpha's who have been rescued or escaped from the hands of Eden.