Room Rules

OOC Rules:

  • All RPO rules apply and are to be adhered to
  • Please limit all OOC. It is distracting to those who may be roleplaying. If it gets out of hand you will be asked to take it to PM or Skype. Gor is Gor. Skype is Skype. Never the twain shall meet.
  • Default fighting system for sparring is 3-2. Default fighting system for spur-of-the-moment (brawls, etc.) is Open Combat.
  • This home follows RPO Raid Rules. No raids are being accepted at this time
  • Secondary characters are allowed in BHS. they must be played in BHS only and the limit on them is 2 per person.
    • Secondary characters have the same abilities as primary characters in regards to things like collaring, branding, punishing, rewarding etc.
  • This room does not allow or recognize dual or multiple castes or Clans. (Physician/Warrior, Scribe/Merchant, etc.). Caste is very specific, and is a lifetime of training. One may change castes, or change to a sub-caste of one's general caste, but if you are of a caste, you must be of ONE caste only, and dedicate to that roleplay. Multiple castes are not recognized here, so if you come in and roleplay as participating in certain caste activities, the one you first play will be the ONLY one that you are recognized for here, whether member or visitor.
Repeated infractions of the rules or generally rude, unpleasant and alienating behavior may result in actions up to and including being banned from the room.

IC Rules:

  • BHS is a full kill/capture/collar zone by Members only and a full mirror zone. If we can't do it to you, you can't do it here.
  • Anyone entering the post must have a name , lurker, peeking, curious, dumbass do not count as names.
    • I am sure some will try to be cute but lets be adults here. If you want to look use your gorean name or a name that will become your gorean name.
  • Free Citizens of Bosk Head Station will have the right to keep personal slaves.
  • Using the observer ~o~ is permitted here but there is a drawback to this. The moment you engage in role play with another, make a post etc., you are fair game.
  • Since there are no 'bareneck' slaves, all people entering without a collar are considered Frees -- unless you behave in a manner that is not befitting a Free Person.
    • In which case, you may find yourself interacting with an ~o~ in an inappropriate manner and find that you are caged and/or collared.
    • For women, in particular, you are free by the grace of Men. Remember that before you interact with an ~o~.
  • Free men may come here as they see fit however remember to be respectful, you wouldn't want someone coming into your home and puffing their chest.
    The same is expected of you here. Common sense..
  • Free women you may travel here and since NPC's are pretty much useless they are not required. However your actions will dictate what will and won't happen you.
  • Veils are not required for Free Women in the Station, but you may wear them if you prefer.
  • Remember your status among gorean men and all will be fine.
    • On a sidenote, free Women may use more modern AV's here.
    • Arms showing is ok. Tits, side boobage, earrings, tight fitting necklaces, midriffs etc. are NOT Free Women acceptable.
    • If You want to know if something you have is acceptable, then just ask.
  • Panther girls would not be so far south and Talunas not this far north so neither is allowed in BHS.
  • Slaves did not travel alone so slaves who are just wanting to visit do need to have an escort.
    • Homes with Trade Treaties with BHS will be allowed to send slaves back and forth.
    • Again, slaves who come here without that and can't give a logical way of how they ended up at the BHS will be placed in a cage; and their owner will be notified.
      • Owners you will have five days, a Gorean hand to come and pick up your property and pay for their housing during that period. If you don't, said slave reverts to Taltos to deal with as he chooses.
  • There is no such thing as a bare neck slave. If you are not in a collar you are a free, period. That will remain true until you act like a slave or submit to a member. Be careful in your choices.
    • If the member doesn't want you, you might end up as sleen food.
  • Gorean messengers enter with yellow sash. Deliver your message and leave.
    • Slaves did NOT and will NOT get messages or be PM'ed without asking a Free first if it is ok.
    • Slaves are permitted to block PMs with their Owner's permission.
  • Black fonts by anyone, Free or slave, are not permitted here. Please use a visible color for your ghost codes. We don't want to have to hunt for your ghost tag.
  • Those traveling through and/or trading within the Station should use honor and respect in their dealings with others.
  • If someone bothers you, leaving the area or placing them on ignore are always viable options. Disputes should be handled in a Gorean manner.
  • Anyone that decides to fight or attempt to make captures while inside the main building of trade will be escorted out of the building and onto the grounds by NPC guards.
    • This happens whether or not it is recorded in the RP -- so if you come in when no Free are here, and you try something dumb, consider yourself kicked out on your ass and the RP will not be valid.
  • All combat judgments of these events will be under Open Combat rules and judgments will be done By Taltos.
    • In the event the fight involves Him directly, a judge may be agreed upon by both parties.
  • The "You break it - You buy it" policy is strictly enforced!
  • Gor isn't fair it is harsh. While you want to have things your way it won't happen. Roll with the punches and let stories develop.
  • Open scening may occur in the room. If this offends you then you are welcome to use the ignore feature or not come in.

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