READ THIS PAGE BEFORE ENTERING!!!! Ignorance of the Room Rules is no excuse. Entrance means you accept and agree to comply with room rules! When you enter, ENTER WITH A NAME. For your information, Anonymous, dots, dashes, numbers, random and/or single letters, etc are NOT a name. Also, when you come in, PLEASE give someone a chance to greet you before you just leave, or start making snide remarks. Some people may be away, or multitasking, or they may even be posting. In either event, it may take a few moments before they can get to the room or finish posting, change the pulldowns and say hello. People who come in just long enough for the room to load and then hit the leave button are annoying, and wasting time for themselves and for us. Also, if you are going to be using an AV, make sure that it is TASTEFUL! While this IS an adult room, we are NOT the Titty Twister Strip Bar and Whorehouse. No frontal nudity, no vulgar poses, no nudity strategically covered by hands or objects, such as Peeps, for example, or anything of that nature. Be suggestive, not slutty.

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Chicago Underground - This is our new subroom, dedicated to the darker and seedier parts of the city of Chicago's humanity, the twisted forces of the Sabbat, the Black Spiral Dancers and more. You'll also find depraved human elements there, such as drug dealers, gun runners, motorcycle gangs and that sort of thing. Join in the fun!

Chicago, the Windy City. A bastion of civilization, the city is home to more than the ordinary, average mortal that walk its streets by day and night alike. In a time not so long ago, the city was ruled secretly by the Cainites of the Camarilla, vampires that prey upon the blood of the living. When the Prince of the city fell into torpor and subsequently returned to his homeland, his childer scattered and the city was left to the whims of chance, and the supernatural creatures that were left behind.

However, there are stirrings at Darkheart Manor, on the edges of the city once again. The Toreador Prince of the city, Armand Darkheart, or Armando Corazon Del Oscuro, has returned to reclaim his throne. The city has began to refill with the Cainites of old, re-establishing the presence of Chicago as a Camarilla city. The other supernatural creatures in the area have heard the whispers in the night and know that the Sabbat and Anarchs' time in the city has come to a close. The Camarilla has returned.

The Sabbat and the Anarchs have retreated to the edges of the city and suburbs. The Garou remain in their wilderness, and the other creatures of the night try to avoid clashes with the Camarilla if at all possible. Even the mortals in the city know something has changed, some shift of power has happened somewhere...the winds whisper "Welcome to Chicago, stranger..."


The Council of the Room are as follows:

Caramba Chickie (Room Owner)
Psycho Circus (Creator of the original room and technical advisor/artist)

Possibly more to be added later

ALL Members of the Council have boots and are allowed to boot from this room. The "official" moderators for the room are:

Caramba Chickie
Psycho Circus

In addition, the following people also have permission to boot in here, aside from the obvious (such as Darkthorne, Darkeyes, etc):

To be announced. We're currently re-evaluating and restructuring our hierarchy

Site rules and room rules WILL be enforced.

The following are rules for playing and interacting within Hearts of Darkness: Chicago By Night. Please take careful note of them. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse and those who break them will be booted from the room. Included in these are the fact that while observers are welcome, you ARE REQUIRED TO USE A NAME, AN ACTUAL, REAL NAME OF SOME SORT, observing or not. If you're too damned lazy to type Bob or Sue or something similar, you're too damned lazy to roleplay. Don't bother if you fit into the pathetic lazy category. That leaves room for all the people who are actually interested in roleplaying and having a good time! This may not be a site rule, but it is a room rule.

Also, when you come in, PLEASE give someone a chance to greet you before you just leave, or start making snide remarks. Some people may be away, or multitasking, or they may even be posting. In either event, it may take a few moments before they can get to the room or finish posting, change the pulldowns and say hello. People who come in just long enough for the room to load and then hit the leave button are annoying, and wasting time for themselves and for us.

1. This room is Old World of Darkness, Vampire: The Masquerade primarily. Other Old World of Darkness systems are allowed and can be played. If you wish to play a character from another Old WoD system, please get with one of the Room Council, or check the message board. NOTE: The room is now open to all of the World of Darkness systems. Council approval is required to submit a character type other than Vampire or mortal. If you want to play one of these other types, ASK. We're pretty easy to get along with.

Character sheets ARE required. Players WITHOUT an APPROVED character sheet will be recognized as unenlightened/Unawakened mortals only. Resources for all the Old World of Darkness systems will be made available for use by request. Character sheets for all types of characters are required. You may play as a guest for a week, without a sheet, but no powers may be used during this grace period. If you like the room and intend to continue playing, and wish to have the powers of your chosen character type, you must submit a character sheet at that point.

We will accept, after careful consideration, characters from the following Old World of Darkness systems ONLY. Kindred of the East, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Wraith: The Oblivion, Changeling: The Dreaming, Hunter: The Reckoning, Mummy: The Resurrection, Demon: The Fallen. NO FREE FORM will be allowed. Ever. Not in full or in part. NO FREE FORM means NO FREE FORM. NO OTHER WHITE WOLF systems will be allowed. This means no Exalted, Aberrant, Trinity, etc. No Novas, Lunars, New World of Darkness, etc. Old World of Darkness Characters that fall outside the Vampire: The Masquerade system will be harder to get approved, but it can be done, as the room adjusts to its players and setting. These are now available to be asked to be played.

2. Please keep all Out of Character (OOC) to PM as this disturbs the roleplay that is going on. Please do not post private information, such as names, IPs, addresses, phone numbers, etc in public. This is a roleplaying room, not a dating service. Further, all site rules for Roleplay Oasis WILL be enforced and followed. You should know them if you chat here.

3. Any death spars must be approved by the Room Controller/Council before they occur, and must follow the rules and precepts set forward on the website pages, as well as concur with the rules for combat used within this room. That combat system is primarily the normal combat system used in the World of Darkness table top settings. This involves the rolling of initiative, rolling dice for attacks and damage, etc.

4. This is a limited kill per rule number 3, as well as the rules on the site (this means read the site , people), and a capture zone, as long as the rules are obeyed. This means no bullshit raids conducted "because I wanna" or some such stupid reason or other, and other obviously and blatantly ignorant reasons. Blooddolls or slaves are allowed, in the proper context, but we will force none to that life. Use this with the proper amount of common sense, people. A blood doll is a common thing among Cainites, but Kuei Jin have little to no need for one, and Garou, Mages, etc have no need at all for them, and little need for slaves as well. Be realistic. The level of security on the mansion/castle grounds is high enough that none that are not residents (or at the very least, members of the room) would be able to enter the castle walls without being noticed by security, either electronic or magical or physical. Even then, they would need to possess the necessary skills, talents, or knowledges, and be able to make the prerequisite number of successes for such a breach to occur. You can't simply waltz in because you wish to.

5. Any that break the rules that are listed or disrupt the roleplay of the people that live here will be given three chances and then booted. This room is for fun, not for aggravation and those that reside here have worked too hard to have their fun tampered with. That alone will be taken as a sign that you wish your ass booted to the next roleplay life. You don't like a bunch of crap, we don't like a bunch of crap, so don't bring or give us a bunch of crap and everything will be just fine.

6. The word of the Room Controller and Council is FINAL. There is no argument after a decision has been made. You may appeal, NICELY, if you wish, but for the most part, what's done is done. This includes, but is not limited to changes in the rules, or anywhere else it suits the Council to make changes, etc.

7. Most importantly...HAVE FUN, hell, its what we are all here for.

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NOTICE, COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: The owners of this site in no way intend to infringe on the copyrights of White Wolf Game Studios and Publishing in any manner. All creature types, powers, and all other relevant terms, names, game system names, trademarks, and sundry items are copyrighted to them. Taking them without permission is a crime, obviously, so don't do it, please. For more information on White Wolf, the World of Darkness and more, please visit their website.

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