Welcome to the Necropolis and City of Boulder.

Rather your stopping by to enjoy the Mountain view, the scenic view, or the nightlife; you are sure to find everything you are looking for.
But what few know and understand is the underworld of Boulder. It is no secret about the drug life and mafia connections to Boulder.
But very few understand the source of it. Long ago, the Dark god Dahak made the base of His underworld in the belly of Boulder.
A place weaved entirely from the void and with that, a family of void Daemonics simply called "The Dahaks".
This dark foreboding force is the source of the dark ties of Boulder. From ETC dealing, to Mafia connections, gambling, and so forth - They are all tied directly to the negative energy sustained Necropolis below the city.
There is also a tie-in within the neighboring mountains to those of the Revelation Mountains in Alaska.
It is there that the labs of the Dahaks rest. The work within them remain mostly a mystery and yet play a major part in the Role-Play for the Dahaks.

So come in and enjoy the life of Boulder, but beware, lest you cross one of the creatures of the night - Especially a Dahak.

We have but two simple rules:

    1. If you enter into our role-play, we want you to have fun!
    Be a person of honor. No Mass killings etc.
    If your character uses magic, then a character sheet will be needed.
    The Character sheet can be very simple. Such as, your char name, what kind of being it is, how old it is, and which system you use for your powers.
    If you use Free-Form, please provide the link to your powers (or if you prefer to write out your powers in your character sheet you may).
    2. RPO Site Rules Apply.

    Room Controller is: Randal Dahak - aka AngelicParadox

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