Earth it seems is your start point on this adventure you was best of the best at what you do as long as it has been Killing and tactics of War and other types of things of this nature , you could be a psycho killer even all that matters is your a bad mother fucker well this has not gone without notice and you are a victem of your own sucess no matter what era of the world known as earth You have been weighed and measured as a great killer and seems eyes have been watching from above by those Reptillian Bastards in their time traveling stealth space ships their cloaking devices keeps them well hidden they have grown tired of hunting the earth from time to time so now the tables have turned now the planet has taken a turn for better currently now hybrid alien type characters are playable which would be like human alien hybrids

If you are the vicious the brutal hunter, warrior , assassin , serial killer, Mage , Cleric then chances are if You have been good at any of this then the creatures will come for you to abduct you off to a planet 3 times the size of earth some 14 galaxies away from earths solar system. you will not sleep on your trip you will find self in a cage the entire trip which really is 2 days of travel with the ships warp abilities.

When the trip is over you awaken to findself with only your basic clothing and a large metal spear of 7' long and lighter then anything ever held on earth laying to your side You could awaken in a panic as you hear the sound of some of the wild life which is large and predatorial most of them anyway the world you are on is filled with alien wild life and ancient earth wild life You know them as dinosaurs, so when see one you may think your seeing shit till the creature decides it wishes to eat you , You might catch scent of coal burning in the wind as there are many villages and kingdoms using steam to run their societies might even spt a Zeplin in the sky or some sort of air ship traveling the sky which you find so odd before you look at your right wrist seeing the ring wrapped around your wrist which a odd time and date wrote and symbols which also has a barcode with numbers under it this tells the aliens you are new blood and you will be left alone to mature in the habitat for a time

You find the people you might encounter to be dressed in tribe like manners well some of them, but you may wish to remain not seen for awhile for slavers might lurk in the wild area waiting for new fish so to speak, nevermind this right now You need to be getting equiped to live here searching seeking what you can find while avoiding the wild life

things you need to know this room concept has a caste system , it has slaves , it has some magical castes in the chain of systems , the era of technology allowed is Steampunk so yes guns are welcomed for use here when they are made by your player or aquired via rp but with this said there is things of much older times allowed , fighting in this rp will be turn based , time in fights will not be an issue participants may agree on a time per post but is not needed even fighting in rp should be fun and detailed , magic in your fights dice rolls will not dictate a target hit its no different then a sword attack on your person you can counter it if you know how to counter it

**Key things in the room: hunting , dinosaurs, steampunk tech , slavery , action adventure survival type rp , aliens **


Room Rules:

1: No ooc Drama
2: Fun is the key in this room its not meant to be so serious
3: This is a bloody room many bad things can and will happen here, nuidity will happen and x rated scenes aswell if you can not handle sex and violence or Slavery then this not the room for you.
4: Every one will start as just a human though sub types are allowed such as lycans and Vampires and other creatures of simular types on earth what you have while on earth is your business before your abduction but once on planet of the hunters everyone will have exact same thing which is a spear and their former clothing what you do from this point on needs to be rolled played out
5: Fighting is turn based with out time limit, with out back posting, is no time limit in open combat here so keep this in mind, also magic can be used here so it will also be turn based will be no dice roles to determine a hit , simply if you know how to counter a spell then You will be able to but magical battles will be judged by room leader I do wish for realism in fights here is why I remove open combat time limit , gun play is used here but must be realistic action of the weapon must be shown
6: Room is Steampunk based so will be NO high tech weapons so to speak
7: The Npc characters will be dangerous in this room 9 times out of ten they will be played by someone of the room , Dinosaurs and the Aliens are both NPC characters
8: Slaves are allowed here but do keep in mind even slaves here are deadly there is not one human on this planet which will not be dangerous in some way enslaved or Free You may have a weapon. ad if you would not be dangerous on earth then the Aliens would not be abducting you so this should twist some things up when comes to capturing someone
9: Room is a full Kill or Capture Zone
10: Dress How you wish Avi's do not need to be all restrictive
11: Concept of this room does not belong to anyone other then the owners of this room it is not based off of any certain universe so will be no copy write on the material of this room
12: all RPO site rules apply
13: everyone starts on earth so this is where your characters roleplay will begin

**Roomleaders have the final say in any judgement.**

with the new Predator Movie coming out I have decided to allow the Predator species to be part of Copperhead so with this in mind.

This is a fan site, for entertainment purposes only. No monetary endeavors are made and no infringement on copyrights and intellectual property is intended. Alien and Predator, and any and all various sundry names, locations, and other details specific to these franchises are the total and sole possessions of Disney, Inc.

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