Tired of the Normal boring stuff of Omg it's a Vampire, no it's an Evil Dragon with a knight, or the Beam me up Scotty atmosphere, well then you're in the right place my friend. No your browser isn't glitching and it surely hasn't hit the wrong room. You my friend have just step through the gates on a path straight to hell! Yes we have seat belts so we suggest you fasten them and keep all lose items at bay, we don't wish to harm our patients let alone the doctors who tend to those in need. Have you come to join our family whether it is staff or as a resident then look no further than that in which we call home. Welcome to Darkwood Asylum where anything could happen and somethings are best left to be seen!

As you step into in the wonderful world of Darkwood we have some room rules for you to make your experience enjoyable.

1. All RPO Site Rules must be followed!
2. NO underage rping, Must be 18 and older.
3. No avs of kids period.
4. NO Harassing anyone
5. All genres welcomed here, meaning you can bring Thor into the home or a zombie. All are welcomed
6. Any problems please seek out an Admin in pm. Lets keep all dispute where it belongs. BEHIND THE SCENES. Take it to PM.

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