Front Door to DD

Welcome to O/our home

Divine Dominance is a place for Dominant and submissive/slaves to enjoy each O/others company in a safe and welcoming home. W/we enjoy the company of all and while protocol is practiced here all behavior is within the guidelines of SSC (safe, sane & consensual). So Wind your way through and find a comfortable spot. Sit back, kneel up or cuddle together. Just relax and join in on the conversation, be it about the lifestyle, news of the day or any albeit respectful conversation you chose. If you have any questions regarding O/our home, please see any member.

Lidia and arella

The simple rules:
The Rules of SSC, "Safe, Sane and Consensual" are practiced here
All RPO Site rules apply
Be respectful
No private whispers without express consent
No Judging
No Drama, we don't care who you don't like and why.
No harassment, period
Enjoy conversation and discussions
Get to know people
Relax and have fun with like minded people

If for any reason you can not comply to these few rules. Do not come in. If you go against the core of this room, you will be booted without question.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions or comments, please contact Lidia @

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