Through the massive Eastgate, one leaves the Central Empire and rides into the fast plains, forests, and mountains that make up the great kingdom sized districts of the Eastern Great Houses. To the north looms the great bluegreen glacier, gazing over the arctic ocean and the great floating barbarian cities of the Kel. To the South one eventually arrives at her Imperial Majesties Winter Palace. Welcome to a society who respects strength, and honors the endurance that it takes to survive in such a harsh and frozen place.

The Site which Domini rests within the chill lands known in current times as Russia...remote, occupying the Russian continent Domini is not connected with lands to the south, but rather the European and Russian landmasses are individual islandic continents, separate from one another...on the alter-earth many things are possible and in Domini many paths cross...

The future, the past and different Rifts language Domini rests upon a great crossing of ley lines...places of power untapped. It is not unusual to see a person from another time or dimension completely stumbling in through the chill mists.

Domini is a Medieval Fantasy based Role-playing room with Sci-fi elements. We tend to follow D&D as a general base and then go from there. All RP systems are welcome due to rifting ability. A rifter character can be from nearly any time, planet, book, dimension, mental paradigm or straight out made up. We allow a lot of freeform and storytellers equate every post, power, disc, gift, sphere, whatever. A Mage CAN fight here with a cyborg. A werewolf may meet up with what he fears most, and find that its a GOOD guy. Just remember...whichever system, dimension or time your from, that doesn't change this rooms base. We are medieval magical based people...YOU are the fish out of water. When in doubt if a concept is allowable, please ask the RC. We accept most power levels but to be sure speak with the Empress, about your character and she will help you match it to the room if your power level is generally to high.

Bear in mind that this is not is Oeth, an alter-earth of sorts, any inaccuracies when compared to Earth just are. Its not exactly the same...Angel Domina

The Basic rules of Domini

  1. Take a legitimate RP name. You may observe by wearing the ~O~. BUT if your asked a question, respond. If you remain silent a booting is very possible. Ghost tags are to be tasteful and should not make my room look like a brothel.

  2. Disruption of ongoing role-play will not be tolerated.

  3. Domini is a militant Empire spanning the entirety of a continent with beachheads further out. Conflict and Fights happen often. Anything from little assassins to field ranging battles. Don't come in here unless your willing to get sucked into a battle. Serfs are not expected to fight because the Land owes them protection. If your character gets killed, make a new one ya pansy.

  4. Domini is a NO COLLAR/ MODIFIED FEED / KILL zone. Vampires are no longer allowed to feed without a Storytellers express permission. With this permission the feeding must be of mutual consent and done in PMs. Killers, it is the Dominian mentality that if one is killed by an assassins blade, then they deserved to die. BUT be warned...any player who seeks to make a kill in this room must have full room membership tags elsewhere. Were not putting up with morons with throwaway characters. Anything else will not be recognized and a boot will closely follow. As with members all powers used must be posted online or previously given to the Empress or Emperor. Killers and Vamps...Vampire Assassins...your just kind of screwed, sorry.

  5. THIS AIN'T GOR! If you are asked to submit in any fashion then its usually for military purposes. No collars, no nudie slave avs, no Master or Mistress crap. If you simply MUST play a servant class, see rules for Serfs. If a person is called Master or Mistress that means you are apprenticed to them.

  6. RP: Tell what stories you like, but follow these two guidelines. 1. No destroying large public structures without the Empress' permission. (ex. The Black Mountains/ The City) 2. No adding or changing the Domini family history without permission (ex. Angel suddenly has a cousin she didn't know about). You can pretty much run what stories you like BUT please make sure that you have your information correct. Nonmembers are not allowed to story tell in Domini without express permission. This means...NO ANTAGONIST CHARACTERS attacking the Members without permission from the Storyteller in charge.

  7. SPARRING! We loooove sparring. The basic sparring rules are as follows: Basic post response. 5 posts (6 with defending post) 5 actions per post split up defense and attack any way you like. This base can be changed by the participants of said spar. Now in Domini there is no such thing as force posting...a person can ALWAYS fight through a force post so follow your artistic bliss when sparring here. (Ex. I stab you in the no no place! response: Jumps really high to avoid the stab to his no no place.) We ask that you be as realistic as possible when taking damage and you will be called on it if you cheese. We are also learning the Prodigy method.

  8. TAGS! 5 lines max, it helps cut down on hiccups.

  9. AVATARS!! Tasteful damnit! No serious nudity, this IS the medieval fantasy period. Wear a chainmail bikini if you like, but you will freeze your heiny off and a bikini aint gona block a sword. (added for certain individuals) Legitimate magical creatures MAY wear avs appropriate to their kind. (Ex. A nymph would be naked but it better be obviously nymphoid. A Centaur goes bare breasted for the most part...they don't think of it as naked.) See Site Rules for avatar size requirements.

  10. SERFS! This is not Gor or a BDSM room...BUT...there are those that served the land and/or Households. These tend to be servants, workmen, farmers...the general workers. These people are contracted with the House they serve and are not required to fight. It is their Household Lord or Lady that does the fighting to protect the serfs. It is an honorable profession because while we fight, the serfs keep the world running, food growing, commerce happening. (think tavern wench, stable guy, a Great Hall serf etc.)

  11. PM, OOC and Cyber!! It is common courtesy to ask permission before PMing anybody. especially the Empress...ask permission first or risk getting ignored. Cybersex is allowed here but only in PMs. A certain amount of affection is tolerable for the eyes of others but if I see ANY open scening or even hear of it as a rumor here I will boot you so damn fast your head will fall off. And I give no warning for cyber boots. OOC is signified by (()) but we would prefer that you keep OOC in pms or on Q, msn, yahoo...whatever. When you enter this room you are in character or your not there at all.

  12. To gain membership there must be the three standard visits, and some good interaction. Character Sheet or Character Bio with spell listings and abilities is enormously helpful to the storytellers.

  13. No-one likes godmoders and the Empress is liable to ~smack~ perpetrators and then use the big boot. Violators will be violated!

  14. Last but not least. The Empress's word is the law. She is Empress for a reason and her decisions on important matters are final so crossing her will place you in great peril. We have no problem booting people for rule violation, in fact I could almost call it a sport. Behave.

  15. Necromancers, Vampires, Liches, Death Knights. You are heavily frowned upon due to Dominian History with them. You will be looked upon with suspicion and disdain if not outright disgust. Raising the dead by necromantic or vampyric means is punishable under pain of the Angel destroying your face.
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