The Tatrix Hopaieskasa "Lady Skasa" Mitsamaru. has good examples to remember
why she must be obedient to the Priest Kings, as one of thier agents and the new
Ruler of one of the only cities of gor ever ruled by a woman, and after an intricate
scheme of Sheila, the former Tatrix of Corcyrus that was removed from power,
involved in a plot of the Kurii, hence betraying Gor. The treason of the former Tatrix
ultimately was punished by the Priest Kings and Sheila ended up with a fate as a slave
in a steel collar like many a Tatrix in the past who did not obey them with a healthy
respect for Free Men of Gor that keep her safe and free. The Capital City of the
Dominions of Corcyrus is located south of the Vosk, southwest of Ar, and northeast of
Argentum. Corcyrus is a warm city known for it silver mines which make it almost as
rich as Tharna and place it at odds with Argentum and Tharna over mining rights. Tarl
Calbot, while travelling from the ruins of Ko-ro-ba toward the Sardar, also placing the
city Corcyrus directly between Ko-ro-ba and the Sardar. Since he was travelling on foot
with limited rations, several days hard march from Ko-ro-ba.

Corcyrus has so much to offer a Gorean from the Theater of Klinitos and the slaver
House of Kilomenes. The Libraries of Corcyrus are the greatest of Gor, as the keepers
of Secret 3rd knowledge for the Priest Kings, only accessed by those who are their
Agents, The Head Scribes and the new Tatrix, who is a agent for the Priest Kings. Even
still there is of the vast knowledge in public libraries , that had made more then one
scribe forget the time as they devour through scroll after scroll. Other famous location
in Corcyrus include the Stadium, the Merchant Market, the Garden of Antisthenes,
the Inn of Lsias, The Square of Perimenes, the Street of Philebus and Milo Street

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