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Eden. The name evokes the idea of paradise, a place of perfection and tranquility. A place where every desire is met with the realization of that desire, and peace and good feelings prevail. The name Eden conjures visions of every wish being fulfilled without hassle or problem. In other words, Eden and paradise are synonymous.

The secret, secluded island called Eden is an erotic paradise. Lady Tigris and the man called Slade own and operate Eden, which is a getaway for those wishing to indulge themselves in the purest of human natures, that of the need for sexual gratification. A carnal paradise where all forms of sexuality and sexual preferences are given equal opportunity to flourish and thrive. Here, you will find adherents of the D/s lifestyle, BDSM, fetishists, all alongside plain, normal vanilla people, all indulging in their most heated fantasies.

In Eden, you'll see Dom/mes dominating their submissives, to the mutual gratification and fulfillment of each other. You'll see fetishists indulging in their particular fetishes, living them out in much greater freedom than you'd see in most given countries. You'll see plain, average, vanilla people mingling with the others, participating in sex acts, discussions and more, all viewed and treated equally. In Eden, you'll see straight, bi, gays, lesbians, and any other deviant sexuality living side by side, without prejudice or malice towards one another. Eden is, in all respects, an erotic paradise.

Eden is known to a select few outside those that call it their home, or that have been allowed to visit. Visitors, and potential citizens alike, find their way to the island by someone knowledgable of its existence, by either boat or plane. Some that come to Eden enjoy themselves, and then return to the normal world to possibly seek relaxation on Eden again later. Many that come decide to make Eden their home. If you are willing to adhere to the rules that Lady Tigris and Slade have put down, you will find yourself welcomed.

Some things, which are widely offensive and repugnant to most people, or things that are illegal, are not allowed or condoned on Eden. If you are caught participating in SCAT, child molestation, bestiality, etc you will be escorted to the airstrip or dock by island security, and you will not be welcomed or allowed back, in addition to being detained, and turned over to the United States authorities.

Lady Tigris and Slade invite you to join them, and the citizens of Eden, and to discover something about yourself, find your true self, and live out the sensual and sexual fantasies that dwell within your mind. Their hospitality is renowned, and the island of Eden has something for pretty much everyone. Why not come see for youself?


Eden: Erotic Paradise is a roleplay room. This means you play a character, and indulge in a fictional life and situations. The rules of SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) are practiced within this roleplay chat room. If you're unfamiliar with them, check them out article and Wikipedia. If you have any questions, please contact one of the room owners, or any member of the staff and they'll be glad to help you.

In order to prevent problems, please read and familiarize yourself with the room rules. Having not read them, or the entry page, is no excuse for improper behavior. We hope you enjoy your visit to our little paradise.

The room rules are available via the links above in red. However, there is one we feel should be stated here for simplicity's sake and helping you understand what goes on here, how it all functions.

This is not Gor, so please don't try to bring Gor here. We encourage people to leave the Gorean mindset in Gor. Here, many things are vastly different than what you might be accustomed to in Gor. Women that aren't collared are allowed to display affection and skin as they choose to, there are absolutely no laws, rules or strictures against them doing so, and they cannot be force collared for some infraction, imagined or actual. You're fully welcome to have a Dominant or submissive character if you wish, but the roleplay here is set in modern times, on Earth, with no powers or abilities of any kind. You can be Dominant or submissive, LBGQT+, vanilla, or whatever other persuasion that strikes you or that you may be. The setting itself is mysterious with little true knowledge of it's location or existence to many in the outside world.

So, that being said, please join us, have fun, and live out your erotic fantasies with us!


The concept of Eden: Erotic Paradise is copyrighted 2016-2018 by Psycho Circus and Lady Dragon. It is an original roleplaying concept. No infringement of any copyright has been perpetrated in the realization of this concept


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