A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

Last Month... the Empire fell to the Rebels...

Last Week... The Rebels renamed themselves "The New Republic..."

Yesterday... The Imperial Remnant staked their claim in the "eastern" galactic rim.


It is now 23 ABY (23 Years After the Battle of Yavin)


The Galactic Empire:

After a series of successful and failed expansion efforts the Empire of old finds itself sitting on the precipice of extinction; controlling only a handful of sectors and a fraction of it's fleet. Those still loyal to the Empire are now looking at survival as their primary goal, rather than the never ending process of expansion that it was once able to maintain. To this end, Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon, after overthrowing a failed 'coupe,' has managed to strike a peace with the New Republic, thus ensuring the state's survival as a political and sovereign entity.

The New Republic:

After years of relative internal peace, marked by various battles and wars with the enemy of old, the New Republic is now no longer the fledgling government body it once was. Proven in combat as well as peace, The New Republic has recently faced it's most brutal test of mettle, a near civil war brought about by the "Caamas Document crisis" as it is being called, which very nearly destroyed the government body, and would have, had it not been for the introduction of the peace treaty with the Galactic Empire.


Here you sit at history's turning point, for the right person in the right ship, you could create a fortune unheard of and be the new legend spoken of in bars and taverns throughout the galaxy.
For the right soldier in the right place at the right time. You could bring about a change in the very fabric of the galaxy and create destiny as opposed to simply playing a bit part in it.
For the right Force user, you can guide destiny's hand to bring about a true and lasting balance in a fashion that only those with your gifts can see.
The stage is set, all that you have left to do is decide. Will you play the role that fate has handed you, or will you make your own future and rewrite the next chapter of galactic history.

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