For roleplaying in Star Trek's 24th Century, in the year 2390, please go directly to our Subroom, the
Prime Continuum.

Welcome to

Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier

Space the Final Frontier...

These are the continuing voyages of the USS ENDEAVOR.

Her continuing mission - to expand Man's understanding of the Universe.

To defend the Federation and her allies from those powers that seek to dominate all life.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Room Rules

  1. No Canon Star Trek Characters as player characters. (We are sorry. Though we know you grew up on the adventures of Kirk, Picard, et al and their crews, we cannot allow the characters from those series to be used in this room as player characters. If needed, the Council will portray them as NPCs.) You should create an original character to play with us.
  2. This room is set after the events of the 23rd century portion of Star Trek VII: Generations (the first part with Kirk, Scotty and Chekov, not after the holodeck sequence where it says "78 years later") and the current year of the room timeline is 2297. Please keep that in mind when Roleplaying
  3. We welcome observers to the RP and encourage you to ask questions, but we ask two things from you in return. One, please take a proper name, No using Anonymous, ...., etc for a name. Please take a proper, real name, even if its something as simple and unimaginative as Bob or Sue. Two, please be courteous and do not disrupt RP if it is progress. This includes, but is not limited to constant OOC talk, harassing players, etc. Also, please refrain from PMing someone without asking permission first. We frown on PMing without permission here, and repeated instances can result in being booted.
  4. If you wish to join the RP, please note that Founders, Q, Borg (Liberated or otherwise), Androids, Augments (like Khan and his crew) and other sorts of powerful species and Super Beings are not allowed. Some things we may bend on a little, with proper adult discussion, but if its on this list, most likely it won't be permitted. If you're unsure if a species or character type is allowed, ask a member. Please check the message board and submit a bio (and character sheet if you wish to use one). If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to ask. That's why we're here.
This is a fan site and is not intended to infringe on the properties, copyrights, or trademarks of CBS and Paramount Studios. This site is non profit and for entertainment purposes only
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