A truly special THANK YOU goes out to GENIE for the wonderful PIC she has made.

Welcome to our Abode!

We are an Island set in an alternate universe based on Steampunk, the Island runs on steam powered Machines and it thrives on its Experiments. The concept of the room is the basis of a Steampunk reality.
Thanks to the twins, Karyna and Sam, a Vortex has been created between modern-day cities and Gearworks Island-Lost Horizons. However the Vortex was meant to close, and apparently, it didn't.
This was one of those times where an experiment hit a snag and the repercussions of it are. A gateway for multiple worlds to merge and mingle together safely from either side.
Now it is up to you to find the Vortex in one of the many cities among the worlds of chaos and the overall excitement. The Vortex in Gearworks Island-Lost Horizons is controlled by the Twins. Its location is very central for all, but to find it you must search where you least expect.
The twins have placed a cloaking device to conceal the Vortex on the Gearworks Island side, so it wasn't so easily seen with the naked eye! Welcome to our Steampunk world. So Goggle up and come join us for some fun!


    *RPO Rules will be followed!
    *Avatar Nudity is okay but keep it to a tasteful degree.
    *An -o- is not needed to observe and please feel free to ask questions if you have any.
    *Cross Realm Characters are welcomed to the Room
    *Vampires, Were creatures, Magic, Modern day, or any cross realm character wanting to pop in is welcomed because who knows where or when the vortex has popped open.
    *With that in mind No God Moding, No Over powered Zealots.
    *In order to keep this Rule in Check the Twins have created a field that dampens the powers of any neo human, demihuman, or special character down to a slightly above normal state.
    *Meaning Vampires, Lycans, and such will still be able to feed on humans and have their unnatural strength and regular powers, they just wont be over powered when using them
    *Character sheets will only be needed if Damage is occurring or if there is a fight, Powers must be listed on sheet.
    *Must Be 18 or Older to play here.
    *In Order to hold a High ranking Position in the home you must have a membership to RPO
    *Please keep OOC to a minimum
    *Open Scening happens, if you don't like it don't read it.
    *The Twins Rulings are Law, and will be followed.

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