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Golden Chains Pleasure Garden


The Golden Chains Pleasure Garden is a fine establishment that offers a variety of services to Goreans, men and women alike. Such services range from dining to pleasure, all for the price of 25 copper. There are bathing pools and a large garden where people can relax, and a lounge where social exchange is encouraged. Entertainments are offered, as well. Golden Chains is located in the City of Ar, on the Alley of the Slave Brothels of Ludmilla, which is off the Avenue of Turia.

The Avenue of Turia is one of the major avenues in Ar and is located in the Street of Brands district, east of the Metallan District. It is lined with Tur trees and that is how it acquired its name. It is a wide street with many fountains. It is well known for its exclusive shops for the wealthy.

The Alley of the Slave Brothels of Ludmilla is a reasonably large street in the Street of Brands district. It is located behind the Avenue of Turia, a walk of only two or three ehn. It can be accessed through an alley between two buildings on the Avenue of Turia. There are many brothels on this street and the street is named for a prominent owner of such brothels.

Come and enjoy what the pleasure garden has to offer!


  1. Golden Chains honors all Roleplay Oasis site rules and Gor room guidelines. This is a room for those 18 and older.

  2. Cooper's word is law. He reserves the final decision on matters.

  3. The Prodigy combat standard is the default here, unless otherwise agreed upon by participants beforehand. The room leader will judge combat. If the room leader is a combatant, a mutually agreed person (or persons if one judge can not be agreed upon) will be chosen.

  4. The decision to allow a kill is Cooper's.

  5. Those that disrupt the room will be told to leave, be caged, or removed.

  6. Keep out-of-character (OOC) in PM as much as possible.

  7. Issues discussed in messenger services, such as Yahoo, Skype, etc., will remain there. They will not be brought into the pleasure garden.

  8. Appropriate names must be used at all times. Anonymous, hooded and cloaked, dots, numbers, and/or other variations are not acceptable. You will be asked to take a proper Gorean name. Failure to comply will result in your removal from the room.

  9. Avatar size for this room is 600 pixels high x 600 pixels wide. Site avatar size is 400 pixels tall x 550 pixels wide.

  10. Visitors are welcome. The use of the ~o~ is honored. Visitors may observe or remove it and join in the role-play. During such visits, you are encouraged to ask questions and learn about us. For questions in PM, ask for permission to PM first.

  11. Free Women are to act, dress and behave like a proper Free Woman. Modest clothing is required. An escort is normal even for walking the streets of the city. A tag is sufficient to show escort.

  12. Free Persons may speak with Cooper, the owner, to request becoming a member. Slaves will beg a collar to join.

  13. No one has the right to personal information, including access to phone, email, instant messengers, social media, etc. If someone presses you to give it, you have the right to refuse. Someone might ask for it under the guise of friendliness. Use caution when deciding whether to do so. If something occurs where a person feels they have been taken advantage of, the person can speak with Cooper.

  14. There are no telephones on Gor. Messengers are expected. If you are here to deliver a message, you are required to use your name and the traditional yellow sash in your tags. For example:

    Drusus for Lady Mina or mara, messenger sent to Julianus

    Deliver your message, wait for any response, then leave. Since slaves were used to carry messages in the books, slaves are allowed to carry messages here.

  15. Golden Chains offers a place to rest, have a drink or even a meal along with good conversation. Afterall everyone needs a break now and then with the hardships that Gor can bring.

  16. Contract slavery is allowed. Discuss it with Cooper.

  17. Free residents of the pleasure garden can collar to the House of Cooper {HoC} collar. Personal collars are to be performed outside of the pleasure garden.

  18. Sale of slaves owned by the pleasure garden is to be discussed with Cooper.

  19. NPC's are allowed in Golden Chains to enhance role-play. When they become a nuisance, the Cooper, or other designated person, may call an end to their usage.

  20. Gender-bending is not allowed.

  21. Children are not allowed.

  22. Raids are not allowed.

  23. Assassins may visit but are not allowed to hunt.