Golden Herlit Encampment

The Golden Herlit Encampment inhabits a region called Two Feathers, near a group of Hogarthe trees by the Kaiila River that flows south bordering the lands of the Wagon Peoples. The Encampment Benefactor passed away tragically, leaving all to her Mate of Kayos Blacktear. And Since brought Hopaieskasa an young savage free woman that is a Ieska ("An Interpreter") of Fighting Hearts Isbu Band, that High Chief Kayos brought to GHE through a treaty with her grandfather the High Chief of the Fighting Hearts Isbu Band with Permission of her Father Ryu Mitsamaru. To take over the duties of the former Benefactor as the Nata Kashna ("Head Mistress") of GHE. and to carry on the values of why the encampment was create in memory of her, It remains Sanctuary to All Goreans needing a Lodge to stay in, Healing Services for those needing treatment, and Bartering Items for Trade as a Safe, No Kill, Caging & Collaring by GHE Home Frees & GHE Allied Frees Only Zone! For this is Place of Peace and that also give charity those who need such. Under the watch of High Chief Kayos Blacktear, The Elders, Encampment Members, and Allies, trusted to visit and live here like a family.

The typical items carried are those requested by the Red Savages include blankets, colored cloths, ribbons, mirrors, beads, kettles and pans, hard candies, cake sugar, chemical dyes, long nails, rivets, hatchets, metal arrowheads, and metal lance points. When you come here to do trading, you should not deal with the Red Savage unrealistically. If you try to sell your items too cheaply, they will worry that you are selling inferior goods. You should also smile a lot while trading. Red Savages do not like to be hurried when they are inspecting your wares. The Isanna is also known for being one of the richest Kaiila band due to their sales of many kaiila and white women. They control "girl herds" which are commonly groups of forty to fifty white female slaves. They are kept naked, about a pasang or so from camp with the kaiila herds.

All {GHE} slaves are marked with a brand of herlit feather, when not serving they are found in the confinement circle is a small dirt circle, usually made by a moccasin, that a slave cannot leave until given permission by a free person. They know if they leave the encampment without the escort of Free Man they are subject to the rules of the Gor and Barrens, so they tend to not stray and be very grateful for her kindness.

But the Encampment has secret purpose on Gor, the Priest Kings have numerous agents working for them. Most do not know many other of the agents as a security precaution. The majority of agents are engaged in surveillance and intelligence. Like in it's region, the house of Samos in Port Kar is a Main Headquarters which many agents report to. It also coordinates and directs agents. It is a clearing house for information which goes to the Sardar. The primary purpose of these agents is to monitor Gor. This monitoring is to protect against the Kurii, technology violations and much more. On Gor there many other such headquarters, with lower profiles. The Golden Herlit Encampment is one of them. All Elders of Golden Herlit Encampment are Agents who serve the Priest Kings and this is their Main Headquarters others about Gor, With extra service such as processing barbarians to be introduced to Gorean society. Keepers of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Knowledge bestowed by the Priest King in the Benefactor Archives, a library discreetly hidden that even the Scribes of Corcyrus have begged to see, inside golden glided ubar size wagon that is always guarded by the best warriors.

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Kayos Blacktear - High War Chief & Elder of GHE - RpO
Ryu Mitsamaru - Medicine Chief & Elder of GHE - RpO
Akano - Civil Chief & Elder of GHE - RpO
Hopaieskasa Mitsamaru - Nata Kashna & Elder of GHE -RpO


Wotan - Merchant of Gor
Rang - Merchant of Tharna, PoD (Hazred Trading House Lodge Owner )


gala -:*:*:-KH/HM-:*:*:- | For Rent 2 copper
igmula -::-::-Akano-::-::- | Restricted BCSL First Girl
akira -:::{GHE}:::- | For Rent 2 copper
lelia -:::{GHE}:::- | For Rent 1 copper
zoe -:::{GHE}:::- | Restricted Barbarian