The Room Rules below have been UPDATED as of 01/09/2018. PLEASE be sure to READ THEM!


What is Universal Fusion?

Imagine, if you will, a world where the superheroes and villains of the DC Comics and Marvel Comics universes (and some other comics universes) reside in one world, a complete coexistence.

A world of daring heroism and diabolical villainy, and a theater of war between both factions.

The daily struggle of the heroes to make the world a more peaceful place to live.

The never ending plotting of the villains for more power, and ultimately world domination.

Imagine your favorite comic book character living in this world, standing with Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Thor, Supergirl, and other heroes to combat evil. Or the Joker, Magneto, Lex Luthor, Thanos, Bizarro and others to extinguish the forces of good. Fighting alongside them, or against them. Perhaps your character is a creation of your own, not bound to any published universe.

This is the ultimate comic book experience all gathered into one place and experience.

DC, Marvel, Chaos, Image, FreeForm, and more are welcome within this room. The only limits are your imagination. Come inside, join us and experience what could be. Please see room staff for details on anything other than DC or Marvel characters. Its painless, we promise!


1. The room is a combination of the DC and Marvel Comics lines, as well as the DC Cinematic Universe (DC Comics TV shows and movies) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel Comics TV shows and movies). The room is largely the Cinematic Universe versions, with some comics continuity mixed in, but you are free to play whichever version of your character you wish, and to mesh elements from the movies and TV shows with comics in any proportion.

Regardless of which version, or how you mix the elements of each, there is a simple constant.  All the modern characters from the DC, Marvel, and whatever other companies exist on the same Earth, namely Earth 1.  Characters such as the Justice Society of America, etc exist on Earth 2.  The Crime Syndicate (evil versions of the Justice League, and Lex Luthor as the world's only hero) are on Earth 3, etc. 

Supergirl and Superman are not on Earth 38, etc but on Earth 1 as they should be.  The multiverse exists as it should, with infinite universes (similar to pre Crisis stories) in the modern age, instead of this 52/53 universes from the New 52 stuff.  Earth X, with its Nazi dictatorship in power exists here as presented in the CW TV shows.

2. We use the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes game system to determine stats for characters. Most have writeups on the above links at the top of the page (Classic Marvel Forever and Ben Reilly's site) you can use. If you want to convert a DC character that does NOT have MSH stats, a character from a less well known company, or a Marvel character that you can't find a writeup for, ask one of the Monitors and we'll be glad to help you. ALL character sheets are subject to Monitor approval before play. We have a particular formula that we use to convert DC characters, using the DC Heroes RPG by Mayfair, to the Marvel Super Heroes RPG system. This formula is how we determine DC character stats in the Marvel format.

3. This is a role play room, so please keep the OOC to a bare minimum in the open, and confine it to PM whenever possible so as to not disrupt the flow of the room.

4. We require that you take a real name of some sort, even if you are only in the room as an observer. The name can be as simple as Bob or Sue, or can be more complex. Absolutely no single or random numbers, letters, dots, dashes, symbols, etc.  Also, no purposefully created variations of things that are not names.

5. UPDATED - All characters must be registered on the board and approved before you may play them. You are limited to five (5) canon characters and two (2) self created characters. Other characters beyond this limit may be requested (granted only with Monitor approval and character availability). The criteria of these requests will be considered with the basis of player involvement and behavior, amount of participation, and frequency of their presence and of which they play the characters they already possess.  Canon characters are first come, first serve.

Please take note of the Banned and Restricted characters list on the board. Restricted characters may be granted, by special case and with Monitor approval. Banned characters are typically not available to anyone except Monitors and usually in an NPC capacity.

6. This room contains adult material, scenes and storylines, and so, as due to the content, and the site rules, no minors are allowed. You must be 18 or older to enter this room. In addition, please keep the AVs tasteful and no full frontal nudity or illegal subject matter. Any explicit or sexual scenes, should they have reason to occur, should be confined to PM, and not the open room.

7. The Monitors' Council is in charge of this room. Their decisions are final on characters played, powers allowed, and other things which affect the overall play in the room. We reserve the right to refuse, require adjustments to, or any other modification or alternative of any character at any time. Such an action will be explained to the prospective player.

8. Most Importantly, please have fun and enjoy yourself! Its why we're all here!


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