Infinite Earths. Picture a world where most superhero's, and Villians reside. A world of complete chaos, and a battle ground between both factions. The ''heroes'' constantly fighting the ''villians'' to make the world a more peaceful place to live. The ''villians'' always plotting for more power, and possibly world domination. Imagine your favorite comic book character living in this world. Interacting with Superman, Spiderman, Thor, Polaris, Magneto, Witchblade, Supergirl. Fighting with them, or against them. Possibly your character is something you created yourself. The ultimate comic book experience all wrapped up into one tight package.

Marvel, DC, Chaos, Image, FreeForm, and more are welcome within this room. The only limits you have to what happens? Is your own imagination. Come inside, and see the possiblities.

Before you enter the world of Infinite Earths, there are a few things you should know.

1)- This is a role play room, please keep the *ooc to a bare minimum in the open, and confine it to pm whenever possible to not disrupt the flow of the room.

2)- As such we request that you take a real 'rp' name even if you are only in the room as an observer.

3)- All characters must be registered and approved before you may play them. You are limited to any combination of 3 created or Cannon characters

4)- This room contains adult material and story-lines, and as such, No minors are allowed, you must be 18 or older to enter this room. On that note, please keep the av's tasteful and no full frontal nudity.

5)- The Watchers Council is in charge of this room here. Their decisions are final on characters played, powers allowed, and other things which affect the overall play in the room.

6)- Most Important, please enjoy yourself!

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