Excerpted from Marauders of Gor

A young man, not more than sixteen, was preparing to defend himself against a large burly fellow, bearded and richly helmeted.

"He is a famous champion," said Ivar, whispering to me, nodding to the large burly fellow. "He is Bjarni of Thorstein Camp." Thorstein Camp, well to the south, but yet north of Einar’s Skerry, was a camp of fighting men, which controlled the countryside about it, for some fifty pasangs, taking tribute from the farms. Thorstein of Thorstein’s Camp was their Jarl. The camp was of wood, surrounded by a palisade, built on an island in an inlet, called the inlet of Thorestein Camp, formally known as the inlet of Parsit, because of the rich fishing there. The stake in this challenge was the young man’s sister, a comely, blond lass of fourteen, with braided hair. She was dressed in the full regalia of a free woman of the north. The clothes were not rich, but they were clean, and her best. She wore two brooches; and black shoes. The knife had been removed from the sheath at her belt; she stood straight, but her head was down, her eyes closed; about her neck, knotted, was a rope, it fastened to a stake in the groundnear the dueling square. She was not otherwise secured.

"Forfeit the girl," said Bjarni of Thorstein Camp, addressing the boy, "and I will not kill you."

"I do not care much for the making women of Torvaldsland bond," said Ivar. "It seems improper," he whispered to me. "They are of Torvaldsland!"

"Where is the boy’s father?" I asked one who stood next to me.

"He was slain in an avalanche," said the man.

I gathered then that the boy was then owner of the farm. He had become, then, the head of his household. It was, accordingly, up to him to defend as best he could, against such a challenge.

"Why do you challenge a baby?" asked Ivar Forkbeard.

Bjarni looked upon him, not pleasantly. "I want the girl for Thorstein Camp," he said. "I have no quarrel with children."

"Will she be branded there, and collared?" asked Ivar.

"Thorstein Camp has no need for free women."

"She is of Torvaldsland," said Ivar.

"She can be taught to squirm and carry mead as well as any other wench," said Bjarni. I had no doubt this was true. Yet the girl was young. I doubted that a girl should be put in collar before she was fifteen.

Ivar looked at me. "Would you like to carry my shield?" he asked.

I smiled. I went to the young man, who was preparing to step into the area of hazel wands. He was quite a brave lad. Another youngster, about his own age, probably from an adjoining farm, would carry his shield for him. "What’s your name, Lad?" I asked the young man preparing to enter the square marked off with the hazel wands.

"Hrolf," said he, "of the Inlet of Green Cliffs."

The Inlet of Green Cliffs

The mighty Thassa calms as the ship enters the Inlet, protected by the towering green cliffs, the clear water reflecting the brilliant blue of the sky in the gentle waves. Men, both Free and thralls, can be seen working, loading and unloading crates and barrels as bond-maids dart between them. A wide dirt road, suitable for the wagons that traverse it bringing goods to and from the ships, stretches into the village, a few shops line the road before it branches out, leading to the homes beyond.

In the distance, bond-maids and thralls can be seen working the fields, the farmland rich, the fields pushing back the forest that frames the edges, the trees threatening to spill over onto the land that the farmers have taken, the Torvaldsberg hazy in the distance..

The village is peaceful now, but on the walls of each home and from the belt of each Man hang the weapons of the mighty Warriors of Torvaldsland, the Men experienced in battles fought to protect what is theirs.

Welcome to the Inlet of Green Cliffs…come in peace and enjoy our hospitality.

The Inlet of Green Cliffs is a Protectorate home of the Isle of Scagnar. All laws, rules, training programs, and the Chain of Command are governed by the Isle of Scagnar.

The Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs is a KILL, CAPTURE, and FORCED COLLAR ZONE.

The Yellow Slashed Messenger is honored on the Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs.

Panther girls have been sighted in the forest region and other uncivilized regions of the Inlet Green Cliffs and their role play is welcome there. Panther girls must be well disguised to enter into the farmland, Groennvik village, or other civilized regions of the Inlet of Green Cliffs. Undisguised panther girls outside the forest would be immediately captured, disarmed, blindfolded, bound, and brought to the long house in Groennvik.

The trading point is a safe zone for all.

Observers must wear an ~o~ and must not enter the sub-rooms of the Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs. Observers may ask questions regarding the Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs and Gor, but will not otherwise interact.

Those from homes not recognizing the Unwilling Captives Rule may NOT utilize this rule in raiding the Isle of Scagnar or the Inlet of Green Cliffs.

The safety and well being of all guests, visitors, and messengers at the Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs is guaranteed by the benevolence and at the discretion of the Torvaldslanders.

Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs Information

Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs Combat Rules

Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs Raiding Rules

Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs Webpage

Isle of Scagnar/Inlet of Green Cliffs Message Board

Weather in the Inlet (simulated by Stavanger, Norway)

Banned from the Inlet of Green Cliffs


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