Dualing, second characters, and gender bending are expressly prohibited in the Isle of Scagnar.

IMPORTANT! Read the links marked 1, 2, and 3 BEFORE entering the Isle of Scagnar.

1. About The Isle of Scagnar

2. Approaching The Isle of Scagnar

3. Landfall On The Isle of Scagnar

The Isle of Scagnar is a


The Yellow Slashed Messenger is honored on the Isle of Scagnar.

It is unrealistic for PANTHER GIRLS/TALUNA to travel via Gorean ships to the Isle of Scagnar without significant role play of disguises, contacting ship's captains, and concealed travel.

All PANTHER GIRLS/TALUNA who attempt entry onto the Isle of Scagnar without realistic role play are bound, blindfolded, and disarmed as soon as they disembark on the Isle. The PANTHER GIRLS/TALUNA are then forcibly brought from the docks to the Great Hall! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Anonymous names are not allowed in the Isle of Scagnar. Observers must wear an ~o~ and must not enter the sub-rooms of the Isle of Scagnar. Observers may ask questions regarding the Isle of Scagnar and Gor, but will not otherwise interact.

The safety and well being of all guests, visitors, and messengers at the Isle of Scagnar is guaranteed by the benevolence and at the discretion of the Torvaldslanders.

Combat and Raiding on the Isle of Scagnar:
Combat System and Rules
Raid Rules
Naval Combat

Those from homes not recognizing the Unwilling Captives Rule may NOT utilize this rule in raiding the Isle of Scagnar

Other Important Links for the Isle of Scagnar:

Isle of Scagnar Webpage
Isle of Scagnar Message Board
Maps Index

Weather on the Isle (simulated by Reykjavik, Iceland)
Banned from the Isle of Scagnar

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