Jotunheim Village


Do not ask the stones or the trees how to live , they cannot tell you , they do not have tongues . do not ask the wise man how to live for if he knows , he will know but He cannot tell you, if you would learn how to live then do not ask the question , its answer is not in the question but in the answer , which is not in words; do not ask how to live , but instead proceed to do so. "

...Many of them were giants , huge men , inured to the cold accustomed to war and the labor of the oar , raised from boyhood on steep , isolated farms, near the sea , grown strong and hard on work , and meat and cereal. Such men, from boyhood , in harsh games had learned to run , to leap , to throw the spear , to ield the sword , to wield the axe , to stand against steel , even bloodied , unfliching . Such men , these, would be the hardest of the hard , for only the largest , the swiftest and finest might win for themselves a bench on the ship of a captain , and the man great enough to command such as they must be first and mightiest among them , for the men of Torvaldsland will obey no other ...."

Visit in peace and be welcome , come and disrupt and leave in pieces:

Some of the content may be regarded as adult , if easily offend please look elsewhere to roleplay. We endeavor to be as faithful as is possible in our recreation of the Gor of the books , and yet still make it a fun and enjoyable place to be


Torvaldsland is located in the north of Gor , the Men being fierce and proud and in size larger than the usual Gorean Men . Apart from the city of Kassau , they live often in mountain locked lands at the end of fjords , that open in to the sea of Thassa, virtually unapproachable excepting through the well-guarded and treacherous waters of the fjords . Others live on a rocky easily defended island off the coast of the mainland. Food is provided by the farming of crops and livestock, fishing, and raiding. All men have a trade of some sort as well as being Warriors and Seafarers.

Free women are treated with great respect by the Men of Torvaldsland , there are no silks in the north, slaves are slaves . Female slaves are called bondsmaids and males are thralls . Both are liveliy spirted and in many ways have more freedom than those of the south but are totally obedient or suffer swift and brutal punishment.

Harassing or attacking a Member of the village Free or slave or anyone viewed as a welcome guest will result in swift death , not by sparring but by possible attacks from many warriors . This is Gor, treatment is dealt out as would be done at the hands of the Torvies of the books , including the berserker rag , someone acting a cunt dose not warrant a warriors death in single combat

Room rules :


You will be expected to know and abide by the site rules , ignorance is no excuse
We ask that you please take a name. Anons will be removed from Jotunheim
Visitors may retain their weapons. They will, however, only be admitted "in PEACE". (note: entering Jotunheim is considered acceptance of this rule. )

If you intend to observe only, then place "~O~" behind Your name. This identifies You as an observer. You may ask questions in PM, but may NOT participate in the activities of Jotunheim. If you do so, as slave you give up any safety you had with the -o-
No disruption will be tolerated by observers. The ~o~ is NOT a license for derogatory comments or snide remarks.

Any slave entering without the ~o~ will be collared in a Jotunheim collar or chained in preparation for collaring. Slaves collared to Jotunheim will remain in a Jotunheim collar for a period of at least one month (4 weeks) before being eligible for a 'Claim' Collar or sale.

Anyone not of the home is not permitted sexual contact " Furring / Fucking " with the slaves , this is to stop the home turning into a drop in brothel

ALL visiting Free Women entering Jotunheim:
Free Persons having applied to join, if considered suitable, will be given a probationary Membership period of up to 4 weeks, during which time familiarization with Jotunheim, its Members and ambience can be sampled, and We can get to know You.

Frees joining Who are new to Gor may not own slaves for the first 3 months of Their Membership (too many would be Masters/Mistresses already abound on online Gor. We endeavor to prevent such happening here). The exception to this rule being those Frees Who enter bringing a slave with Them already in Their collar. Frees joining who are familiar with Gor and Who arrive without a slave, may take ownership of a slave after a period of one month (4 weeks).

FW are expected to work their caste, Women of the north and considered the strongest, so will work along the Men

The Free Women of Torvalsland are accorded great respect in the books - so it will be here. Free Women will not be threatened with collars unjustly or made to live in fear in their own Home. In the same respect, Free Women will be expected to be Free Women, worthy of the respect accorded by Their birth and circumstance.

Disputes among Freepersons will be handled privately when possible. When such is not possible, the matter will be presented before the High Jarl and His word will be final

Issue's between bonds, will be settled by either the first girl of the home or the High Jarl if needed be .
English is the Language used in Jotunheim. Online gorisms such as Vanashe, Jashi, trik, nidan etc. Will not be used.
There are no larls as pets. [no such pets up north anyway.]
Free Women do not fly Tarns alone, or sail Serpent Ships.

Respecting the property of other Freepersons, (i.e.: Do not private message Another's slave without permission).
A Freeperson shall not physically punish a collared slave without first speaking to the slave's Owner or to the High Jarl or Council of Jotunheim.
A Freeperson shall not force Themselves sexually on a 'restricted' slave. Whilst slaves in Torvaldsland were, in the main, not personally owned; some were. Honor the Owner of a slave by not abusing His/Her property.

Deal with slaves fairly as much as is practical. Remember the interaction between the bondmaids of Torvalsland and their Jarls was specific to Torvaldsland and much behavior, whilst not tolerated in other areas of Gor was accepted and prevalent in Torvaldsland. Read the book for clarification and enlightenment.

There is no dualling in Jotenheim, we do alow gendercrossings for that see our messegeboard for the rules that come with that. If you a transgender, then please let it be known, this not only for yourself but those that engage in rp with you We do alow secondairy characters in Jotenheim, again for this we have a charactersheet on the messege board which will be approved of by the High Jarl of Jotenheim.

NOTE: Any Resident/Member, Free or slave, who issues real time threats in Jotunheim Village, or on any message boards, will be banned from Jotunheim .There will be no Appeals against such a ban.
Try to keep R/T out of Jotunheim...R/T problems belong in R/T, not here, Same with OOC to a minimum or in PM
At this time we do not accept raids, once we have enough Warriors we will be open for raids.

This is Gor. Keep it Gorean