A Torvaldslander Steading

Beyond the Torvaldsmark there is, high upon the sweeping northern barrier of the Inlet of Green Cliffs, overlooking mighty Thassa - a tiny Torvaldslander steading. Named for the thunderous roar of the falls emptying into the sea and the displaced Clan which founded this small settlement, Jotunheimr Falls is little more than a village of squat, green stoned huts and canvas tenting huddled around a central Longhouse and encircled by a wooden palisade of thick, hewn logs in the incomplete process of construction.

"I saw people running down the sloping green land, toward the water. Several came from within the palisade. Among them, white kirtled, collared, excited, ran bond-maids. These, upon the arrival of their master, are permitted to greet him. The men of the north enjoy the bright eyes, the leaping bodies, the squealing, the greetings of their bond-maids. In the fields I saw an overseer, clad in scarlet, with a gesture of his hand, releasing the thralls. Then, they, too, ran down towards the water." -- Marauders of Gor, page 82

The steading itself is cut in two down its rough center by the wide, slithering run-off to the point where the Falls leap from the cliffs out into the foaming Inlet shallows and the dragonships at dock to the south below. Beyond the scattered collection of wood thatched cabins to the east and west sprawl timberlands bleak, chill and dangerous. Many Gorean pasangs further north beyond the graze lands of wild verr, the barren and windswept hills and low mountains of monolithic Torvaldsland, "The land of Thor".

"The man of Torvaldsland never leaves his house unless he is armed; and, within his house, his weapons are always near at hand, usually hung on the wall behind his couch, at least a foot beyond the reach of a bond-maid whose ankle is chained. Should she, lying on her back, look back and up she sees, on the wall, the shield, the helmet, the spear and ax, the sword, in its sheath, of her master. They are visible symbols of the force by which she is kept in bondage, by which she is kept only a girl, whose belly is beneath his sword." -- Marauders of Gor, pages 141-142

This is Jotunheimr Falls and it's steading. This is Gor. Gor is harsh. Gor is Gor. Be Gorean or flee, skinny little southern man, back to your land of silks and watery wines. This is a land reserved for laughing giants and their bawdy bondmaids. A land of rich golden mead, and thunderous war horns echoing across the cracked and broken hills. Valhalla awaits us; let us ensure that the Gods hear us coming and that They forever know our names.

Rules of the Falls

General Rules
  • All RPO site and section rules of responsible roleplay conduct apply.
  • This is a Gorean room based upon the writings of John Norman's Torvaldslanders. BE Gorean. That doesn't mean act like a complete douche canoe. It means that you should conduct yourself as a Gorean Man or woman. If you cannot or are unable to do so on your own, our members will be happy to educate you one way or another.
  • Anonymous names mean shit to us. If you are unable to respect us and our home enough to at least identify yourself then we have better things to do with our time. We simply don't give a shit. We are here to enjoy our Friends, Family and our property. If you would like to be a part of that, then you can invest 10 seconds to select a name or put yours on.
  • We respect the yellow-sashed messenger at the Falls IF it is attached to an actual Gorean name. Anonymous "Messenger, yellow-sashed messenger for so-and-so", et al fall into the same category as anonymous names. We really don't give a shit. Own who you are and what you have to say when you come to the Falls.
  • The Black Caste is welcomed to hunt the Falls if they can produce legitimate proof of mark when asked. However, understand that the Men of the North care nothing for Caste, including Killers. A mark affords you no protection from the rough discretion of Torvie Warriors. And the Men of the North do not take kindly to strangers or sleen stalking their steadings.
  • Panther Girls out of the Great Northern Forest to the south are welcomed to visit the Falls and the steading around them. But be really good at moving unseen or disguise unless you have always ached to be a bondmaid. And we know you have.
  • ooc brackets are neither shield, nor protective blanket for you here at the Falls. We are adults, portraying Gorean themes, scenes, and exchanges. If it comes out of your mouth/fingers in open room it's yours. Be prepared and willing to own it. Our members are happy to answer respectful and sincere lines of questioning. But if you are simply here to be a dickhead, we will treat you like a dickhead and you will either answer in a Gorean fashion, or if your intent is obviously to make a nuisance of yourself, you will be handled by our moderators.
  • Observe all you like. We've nothing to hide. So we hide nothing.
  • Do NOT private message our bondmaids without consent. You haven't earned that right. If you try and fuck our bondmaids until you have proven yourself a member of this steading, expect odd strokes of life to occur like the smashing of your tiny little pin-head.
Combat Rules
  • This room is a Full Kill/Collar/Capture and limited Mirror zone. Meaning, it's Gor. If you can't do it in your Homestone, you aren't going to get your jollies off at the expense of our People. It also means that if you enter the Falls, you accept that bad shit may happen to you here. Life's rough, strap on a helmet.
  • We utilize Prodigy combat rules for all open combat and spar engagements that require judgement to resolve our differences and captures, at the moment. This will almost certainly change at some point in the not too distant future.
  • We love to raid! And we encourage you to do so as well. We observe the unwilling captive rules and so should you. Raid combats should not require judging and should be fun and respectful for all involved. It is a crucial aspect of Gorean roleplay. We miss raids! Please, contact our Council if you would like to establish a raiding agreement with your Home!
  • All combat within the Falls is default judged by a member or members of our governing Council. You will be able to identify them easily enough by referencing our forums. Their Judgements are final, and binding.
  • Jotunheimr Falls is governed by a Council at this time. The steading is new and re-establishing itself following a tragic series of events involving the Clan Jotunsson. There is no High Jarl or Camp Leader sitting his dais here. The Free People of the Falls direct its policy at this time.
  • You do not require our permission to make the Falls or the steading around it your Home. You need not even be Torvaldslander, though you will face some challenges from these brutal Northern Giants to truly be considered a Man or woman of the Falls. You simply need to be Gorean, understand the rules and goals of the room, and represent at all times what this should mean. If you enjoy Torvaldslander roleplay, and you enjoy the Falls you are welcomed and encouraged to simply add the Homestone tags to your codes and join our forums. The Blood of Giants welcomes you!
  • The Falls utilizes a unique Non-player character Archive to enhance our Torvaldsland experience. We have implemented a library of pre-prepared "personas" that ANY Jotunheimr Falls member may slip on to enhance the feel of the room, take a break from their acknowledged Gorean name or otherwise just make for good Gorean rp. These personas could be anything from Torvie Warriors, thralls, Kurii, and even indigenous animals. Note that these NPC personas are not empowered to do your dirty work for you. If you wish to end a Man of the Falls, take up an axe, a spear, a hammer or a sword like the rest of us and stop being a pussy.