Welcome to Port Kar, Jewel of the Thassa.

Port Kar is not like any other place you have ever come across, it holds the key to the world in which you have never known.

You have your Torvies, Your Tribes, and Cities. You have Ar and so much more like the Fair of Gor.

Have you ever had your hand in a pot and not get caught, try your luck to see if you can fare this Cities Drastic celebration.

Where we are the Pirates of Gor.



You know what that means we all have them. They are as follows:

ALL RPO Rules will be followed to the letter

Do not come in to the room bringing drama, you will be asked to leave or removed

All Characters of Gor are welcomed here

Collaring is done by those of the home

Slaves entering Jewel of the Thassa will be entering at their own risk, meaning You entered, you can and will be collared

Most slaves will not go into a personal collar at the start, they will go through a house collar. Earn your keep

There is no Open scenes, if you wish to do sexual scenes they are to be in private

OOC is to be kept to a Min. IC takes place here

If you have a problem with someone and place them on ignore their actions/interactions are null

IC/OOC is separate do not bring it here if it is not pertaining to the rp in play

Skype, Discord, ICQ, TEXT, calling are all outside sources and do not dictate nor play in to the Roleplay taking place in the room

Gender Bending, Secondary Characters are allowed. Gender Bending must be brought up to the Room Leader and room staff to keep things smooth.

All rules are common sense and apply to everyone. Violators will be warned or banned


Jewel of the Thassa Forums

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