There are things waiting in the darkness. Creatures of metal, fire and blood. But he's out there, burning through time, facing a thousand dangers across the stars and never giving up. He looks like a man but he's a legend and his name is the Doctor. He'll come back to save us and this time I'm going to be ready. Then just like that...
We'll be gone.

Torchwood: outside the government, beyond the police. Fighting for the future on behalf of the human race. The 21st Century is when everything changes -- and Torchwood is ready.

The Journal of Impssible Things Message Board

The Journal of Impossible Things

An online chartroom role-play based on the Doctor Who Universe are found inside.
This room is based on canon from the TV Series and beyond of Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and other spin offs of Doctor Who following the entire series run .
All Characters are welcome as long as they have some form of or connection to Doctor Who Universe.
We are hoping to have a fun open room. Where all Characters can inter- role-play with each other. We are open to ideas and suggestions. Ask if you have any questions.