Welcome to Kargash

Our Rules and Law's

- All RPO rules apply
- No gender bending
- No dualing
- No members or visitors under the age of 18
- The Black Caste may neither enter not practice their craft within the town under any circumstances.
- Joining Kargash will require that you select and work a Caste that requires roleplay with others to earn your coins.
- In order for the coins here to be of value, only coins earned in this home can be used to buy anything here.
- Captured slaves will be auctioned off to members of the Home and paid for with coins earned in this home. In the event that no Free Men or Woman of the home wish another slave at that time, the slave will be collared to the home and may serve all members of the home in any capacity. They may ONLY serve members of the home sexually.

- Bare neck slaves are to be given 3 visits to observe after which they must either decide to join the home or leave and not return.
- Free Men and Free Woman are also given 3 visits to observe or interact but then will be required to decide whether to become a member or leave and not return. This does not apply to Free Men and Women who are members of other Homes.

- Collared slaves may ONLY visit IF their owners specifically permit them to. Otherwise they will be caged and their owners notified as provided by the Gorean Law.

- Gorean Law commonly referred to as the Gorean Common Law is the law in this Home supplemented by the Law of the Ruler of this Home. The Law of the Sword is NOT recognized within the walls of the home but is recognized outside the walls in those areas not claimed by any city.

- Raids are NOT permitted in this home.
- Recruiting by Free Men and Free Woman of other homes is not permitted and will be reported to the site Admins.
- Free Men and Free Women are expected to behave honorably within the walls of this Home.
- Dishonest dealings with any member will result in the forfeiture of any and all property held in the home and expulsion from the home permanently.
- It is expected that members will respect the typists behind the characters and NOT make any attempt to intrude into their real time lives.
This means..a Free Man or Free Woman will NOT request telephone contact with the typist of any member but may REQUEST, and I mean request, skype contact IF the typist in question will permit it.

- This is a Gorean Room operating as closely as possible within the law and customs of this Home as defined in the Gor books by John Norman.
- No harassment or bullying of characters or typists will be permitted in or out of character.
- Every member is responsible for their own words and actions whether in character or out of character.
- Please keep out of character talk in PM whenever possible.
- This is a ROLEPLAY ROOM. It is expected that those who visit here who are permitted to interact, everyone other than observers, will roleplay their Caste or their actions in going from place to place. Goreans do not just "appear" out of nowhere anyplace within these walls.

- No member may be killed or otherwise maimed by ANYONE without the express permission of the Ruler.
- Sparring is permitted and will be judged on actual realistic performance in the sparring pit and will be judged by the Ruler alone, whose decision is final.
- Spars that are to the death must be approved by the Ruler in advance and will be judged by the Ruler in the same manner.
- Spars will last until there is a clear winner or until one party inflicts a realistic injury that would disable or kill his or her opponent.
- Runaway slaves will be caged and their owners notified. If they are not claimed in 3 calendar days from the date of caging they will become the property of the Ruler and will be collared to the Home.
- This home does NOT recognize so-called Honored Guests.
- ONLY members of this Home may reside here beyond the 3 days allotted them for their visit.

- All buildings in this home, all construction of any kind is to be done through roleplay and the cost for that will be paid for with valid coins earned in this home. Homes and other buildings do not magically appear. Cargo coming into the city that is inappropriate or unrealistic in the sole opinion of the Ruler will not be recognized. One example might be that a Free Man arrived driving a wagon filled with gems or weapons.

- NPC characters are generally not recognized for roleplay purposes. The object of this room is to encourage meaningful roleplay between members and visitors who may interact.
- Remember, typists bring their characters to this room because they want to play out their Gorean character in a way that is fun, realistic and meaningful to them. Please respect that.

- Please remember that goods that are not in the books may not be used here, for example, porcelain dishwear, perfume that cannot be manufactured here from native flowers, glass or glass products, or machinery that did not exist or could not exist on Gor given their state of technological advancement, for example, a Warrior using a spring loaded, bolt action crossbow. That might be fine for the zombie series on TV but it could not exist on Gor so it cannot be used on Gor.

Argenis word is Law, all judgement within the home will be presented to Him.

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