The Fates!

The Apocalypse, Armageddon, Kalki, Li Hong, Ragnarok, The Last Judgment...These are the words of how the universe will end. These words were wrong.

In the Beginning the universe was void and without form. Great energies were born and just as quickly died as that which was formless struggled to find form. That which was without reason or meaning sought purpose. Out of this was born the Light and Darkness

And those two which thought and lived within the cosmos understood on time that the universe was meant to contain more than their two own immeasurable essences. And so there game to form in the midst of the maelstrom of light and the darkness, a world. Vast it was. Savage, and yet at the same time beautiful. And the life brought forth upon the craggy face of the world was of the Darkness the savage Old Ones, and of the Light likewise the beautiful Elder Gods.

Lost in time they are now, these beings, yet so magnificent was the least moment of their lives, that even through the uncountable millennium, the memory of their words and deeds continues to whisper in the minds of mortals. Gods they were, and Demons. In the smallest portion of their lives was glory. And for ten thousand ages, this was their existence.

Then came the war. The Elder Gods sought to remove the evil of the Old Ones from the cosmos. So terrible was their final conflict that their world itself, larger than the largest star was destroyed. From that destruction a wave of energy swept out into the universe still raw and ragged. Where it touched it left behind a fragment of itself. A seed of the divine.

In the distant corners of the burgeoning cosmos, this divine wave brushed against realm after realm no less un-fashioned than the firmament around it. It scattered these places small portions of its shrinking energy, to touch and taint the rock and soil of various realms.

From these realms rose races of beings, set forever aside from the callous grunting homo sapiens. Theirs would be names that would live down through the ages in legend and fable. Zeus. Odin. Ra. Anu. Dagda. Marduk. Ukko. Indra. Among others. And in their spender, and along with the equal glories of others, on Earth and on other worlds they were the Gods. But then...

Within one of these realms, Asgard, there bore the prophecy of Ragnar�k the "final destiny of the gods". The Asgardians thought these predicted events only pertained to them, they were wrong

Ragnarok the "Doom of the Gods" came on a scale the Asgardian Norns could not even pretend to have understood. They had predicted the end of the cosmos as the Asgardians knew it, but their prediction was too small in scope, to prideful.

There came a time when the Gods died! The Twilight of the Gods. Judgement writ in thunder and blood. The end days come as foretold, but not as foreseen. The brave died with the cunning. The noble, joined in battle by depraved evil, perished while locked in battle with the unleashed last of the Old Ones, Ragnarok. It was the final day for them all. An ancient era passed into fiery holocaust.

The final breath came with the fatal release of indescribable power which tore the realms of the Gods asunder. Shattering them amongst the cosmos, and filling the universe with the blinding death-flash of their destruction. But death is only the beginning.

A vortex of fiery brimstone and god power swirled for centuries after the conflict's end. For energy does not die, and the spirits of the Gods craved renewal. Material and Divine gravity congealed the chaos. In the end there were giant molten bodies, spinning slow and barren, clean of all that had gone before, adrift in the fading sounds of cosmic thunder.

Silence closed upon what had happened, a long deep silence, wrapped in massive darkness. It was this way for an age. And then new worlds were born. Many centuries would pass before their inhabitants reached maturity. Before they achieved their celestial destinies.

Upon one of these fledgling reborn realms the spirits of the dead Olympians has begun to manifest. A New Olympus towers in the realm of the new Pantheon, the home of Legends.


  • ALL Roleplay Oasis Site Rules Apply
  • No underage players OR characters.
  • No 'Annon'Names please. Take an -o- and feel free to watch.
  • Gender Bending is allowed.
  • At this time no person may have more than two characters in the room.
  • Those that have ventured here through time will find their technology rendered inert. Firearms and technology Simply Cannot survive the trip through time
  • Character sheets should be standard D20 system sheets at this time - You may play for up to 2 weeks with no character sheet. All Character submissions should be posted to our -Message Board-.
  • Legends is a Brutal and quite possibly savage rp. There are forces here that can quite possibly kill your character.
  • Due to the nature of the gods written within the 'myths', they were very hedonistic in nature. Nudity was pretty common, along with tortures etc., Though within this room we do not wish for that aspect of the story to dominate the rp here.
  • The decision of the Room Controller is final.

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