To Everything There is a Season...

When the worlds of the gods were fused into a singular plane so too were the afterlives of the realms. Hel, the Underworld, Duat, Valhalla, the Elysian Fields all have been brought together into one massive land of the dead. A place where souls throughout the realms are gathered, judged and sent to their final rewards.

The Dead Have Secrets...

There is more to this massive Necropolis than meets the eye. The Lands of the Dead are a Prison too. Great terrors from ancient Titans to rogue gods are imprisoned here, sealed away for Eternity in the darkest depths of Tartarus for the safety of all life, Mortal and Immortal alike.

Endings are Beginnings...

The Lands of the dead are populated by souls of the departed awaiting their final judgments and rewards. Many more wander the land trying to escape their fate. And on occasion the living venture forth to these lands on the most epic of adventures, for only the most foolhardy or bravest of the brave descend into the lands of the dead and return.

The Final Reward...

So whether the rewards of Duat, Valhalla or the Elysian fields, Or the unending torture of Tartarus, all come here for their final judgment. Just remember when you arrive at the edge of the rivers separating the land of the dead from the living, bring a coin for the ferryman.


  • ALL Roleplay Oasis Site Rules Apply
  • No underage players OR characters.
  • No 'Annon'Names please. Take an -o- and feel free to watch.
  • Gender Bending is allowed.
  • At this time no person may have more than two characters in the room.
  • Those that have ventured here through time will find their technology rendered inert. Firearms and technology Simply Cannot survive the trip through time
  • Character sheets should be standard D20 system sheets at this time - You may play for up to 2 weeks with no character sheet. All Character submissions should be posted to our -Message Board-.
  • Legends is a Brutal and quite possibly savage rp. There are forces here that can quite possibly kill your character.
  • Due to the nature of the gods written within the 'myths', they were very hedonistic in nature. Nudity was pretty common, along with tortures etc., Though within this room we do not wish for that aspect of the story to dominate the rp here.
  • The decision of the Room Controller is final.

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