Our Concept

This is Night Falls, a city out of time and perhaps even out of space. While it does have modern conveniences, any attempts to use the modern technology to expose thee city or its nature will be thwarted. This enigmatic city is in London, or art least that's the last place people remember being if they happen to drive into Night Falls. But one thing remains the same. Whether you arrive willingly, or you get pulled here by mysterious means, you cannot leave until The City allows it. All attempts are blocked by an invisible but physical barrier that can smash cars and potentially break bones.

The citizens of this city include all the echelons of the World of Darkness. Vampires, Werewolves, Changing Breeds, Demons, Changelings. The city will accept all that it thinks it needs. Therefore there are endless possibilities for playing all the creatures of the night.

Please take the time to read our rules, check out our forums and learn about the room from all the information we have provided. You are of course welcome to ask questions once in the room. Come see how you can fit into our stories and become a dark legend within the city of

Night Falls

Our Rules

1. First and foremost this is an RP room. All drama will be left at the door. Failure to comply with this rule can result in being warned then booted. Multiple failures will result in a room ban.

2. All disputes will be settled by the Room Staff. This includes the Room Controller and any appointed mods in the event the RC is not available. All decisions reached are final. Furthermore, all disputes will be handled in PM so as not to interrupt rp underway.

3. All captures, death or other forced scenario roleplay must be agreed upon by all parties. Anything that affects the room as a whole must be approved by Room Staff. This includes but is not limited to anything that may be destructive to the city, or to a large group of players in general.

4. Due to this being an adult site, we cannot condone the playing of child characters or the use of children in avatars. All characters must be at least 18 years old.

5. 5. Since this is a World of Darkness room, it is not intended for BDSM, Gor, or Cybersex. While playing a character that runs a BDSM club is plausible, we will not accept Gor here, nor open sex scenes in the room. We ask that both BDSM and sexual rp be kept to PM. Similarly, Avs should be kept tasteful. Nude avatars are not permitted here in open room.

6. Regarding OOC banter. While we all know it will happen from time to time, do your best to keep OOC in PM or IM whenever possible. This is especially important if RP is going on in the room. However if everyone is just hanging out OOC for a bit, then it is fine. Just be sure to curb OOC once someone makes an rp post.

7. We are a blend of Freeform (FF) and World of Darkness (WoD) rp here.We are modifying the existing WoD ruleset to be easier for new players. To that end, we are only requiring character sheets for people who wish to play more advanced characters. Therefore, any basic humans, vamps, shifters, etc do not require a sheet. If you are uncertain about this, pm any Room Staff for clarification.

8. With our room being a blend of FF and WoD, nearly any kind of character COULD be played here, short of canon characters from other worlds or super heroes, etc. If you have a concept that you are not sure how to fit into the WoD rules/format, simply contact eQuinox.

9. Beyond these rules, please follow the links below to view our current storylines, how to create a character and to ensure you are not on our room ban list.

For the night is dark... and full of terrors.

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