New Olympus is going back to the beginning. This means we will be starting off where the Hercules the Legendary Journeys and Xena Warrior Princess shows left off.

When Hercules was last seen in the series, He had to kill his own father, Zeus in order to protect Xena and her unborn child (Eve). There is nothing else mentioned about Hercules in the series.

From there the final season of Xena followed. Callisto had become an Angel; Livia became Eve again and followed the path of the light. 25 years Xena and Gabrielle were in an ice tomb, mistaken to be dead by Ares. When they woke they found their entire world shattered. Gabrielle's parents, Xena's Mother, and other had passed away. Even Autolycus name was never mentioned again. In addition to this another year of time lapsed when Gabrielle fell into a deep sleep in the Valkyrie fire. The show then took another turn, revealing that Ares and Aphrodite got their godhood back. Xena died in the last show leaving Gabrielle to pick up where Xena left off. This is where the story ended.

New Olympus picks up where the show ended.

Everything you see here.. From here on, everything you see in the room will be based from what is mentioned above. Enjoy the Role-Play.

New Olympus

What is New Olympus? What makes up its foundations? What kind of Characters will we find there? What is the inspiration behind such a theme? What is the Circle of seven? All of these questions and more will be answered in the following paragraphs.

New Olympus is a dedicated location that the once fallen gods of Olympus have resurrected roughly 40 years after the twilight of the gods. The twilight of the gods was a fictional account based from the Hercules Legendary Journey and Xena Warrior Princess, that showed the ending of a Dynasty of gods. The show ended on the assumed note that the gods were forever banished. Therefore the inspiration behind the New Olympus concept is two-fold. One, is to resurrect New Olympus based on the newly reestablished gods of Mt. Olympus (based from the TV shows). Second, is to bring a culture of classical mythology to the role-play world. This is an area that the role-play world at large has not taken advantage of, and we very much look forward to introducing it, in such away as to make role-play not only fun, but enriching.

What is the physical foundation of New Olympus? New Olympus is a city that sits at the base to Mt. Olympus. This is where the vast majority of Role-Play transpires. While the land itself is based on a time period roughly 100 years after the time of Fallen gods (roughly 40 AD), the land itself is timeless, allowing various interaction with other lands of different time periods. The Second Sector of New Olympus, is Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus is only accessible to the gods. No mortal blood (or immortal blood) can pass through the Mount, save only by the will of a god. The third Location is Tartarus and the Necropolis. This is the Two-Fold underworld that exists in the belly of the Mount. This location is also blocked off to those, except guided by the blood of an Olympian god.

The Circle of Seven is responsible for the daily administrative functions of New Olympus. They act in unison in the form of a larger scale council. They consist of two elders (Hercules and Ares), one Ambassador (To be named) and 4 council members (To be named). In addition there is a Justicar (To be named) who handles the resolutions of the Circle of Seven.

What Type of Characters will you find here? First and foremost, there are deity characters. This is the foundation behind Mt. Olympus. There will also be Valkyrie (Representation of the Norse Myth). There will be Amazon warriors, as well as Proxicae (Which are Warriors, psionic defenders of the gods). There are also Bacchae. I should take a moment to explain that Bacchae are women vampires, that are spawned from Bacchus, the demi-god \demi-demon of wine and ecstasy. With the basic understanding behind the room, now it's time to go over a few basic room rules.


1. There is no god-moding allowed in this room. Yes we have gods, but they also have character sheets to back up what they can do. God-moding is simply using powers you don't have access to, or abusing the powers set forth.

2. This room is primarily a Free-Form and D&D concept. But within reason, some basic WW, and Rifts may be used as well. All are required to submit character sheets. Deity characters must submit them right away. All other characters will be allowed 2 weeks to submit.

3. No Anonymous names are permitted. You don't have to be in an IC name, but Anonymous names will be warned once, and then booted.

4. Do not disrupt the rp in the room. Harassment in any form constitutes an immediate boot. Harassment will also be reported to the Site Owner for further action.

5. No nudity within the Avs. This is not a Gor or Gor-like room, tasteful artwork is one thing, but all out nudity is forbidden.

6. Respect the Circle of Seven., not to do so may subject one to being removed from the home.

7. When a meeting is declared, either for Circle of Seven, or the members of the home, it is asked that you attend. R/t happens, so if you cannot make the meeting, the events will be posted to the Message board. Please make sure you sign the message board showing you have read and understood the events.

8. Open Roleplay Nights. Some nights the room will operate in open roleplay events. It is asked that as many people who are roleplaying in the room those evenings, to join in the roleplay. This strengthens the room as well as its members.

9. In New Olympus, there will be two kinds of spars.

A. Friendly or Competitive Spars: These types of spars are used to enhance roleplay, display the skills of the players, tone the skills of the players, or to show off New Olympus selected powers. The rules for these spars are flexible. So long as those involved settled on an odd number of actions per round (3,5, etc), then that will be fine. The only rule for these spars (rather hand to hand or magic based), is all weapons need to be stated during the prep round. Those involved in the battle may also select the number of rounds involved.

B. Death Matches: These are very rare. Bottom line, if both parties involved don't agree to the Death Spar, then its not happening in New Olympus. Death matches have limited rules. In New Olympus as follows: 1.) 5 Actions per round (3 attacks, 2 defenses). 2.) All weapons must be stated in prep round. 3.) In prep post, if agreed upon, 2 defenses may be set. 4.) No One post kills, no force kills (force meaning, a countered is allowed if possible). 5.) There is no set number of rounds. Matches go until someone is dead or until both parties declare a draw. There are Three Judges involved: One for each side, and a Neutral Judge. One of the Judges must be a member of the Circle of Seven or a Council Member. The judges decision is final. (If the losing party feels that they were unjustly ruled against, they may write a request to the Circle of Seven to review it. Overturning judges rulings are extremely rare.

10. Enjoy the r/p, this is the number one!

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