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Cos is a military dictatorship, thus the continued rulership of the Ubar, Lurius of Jad. His power is vested in the army who maintain all policing duties throughout the island and who control many parts of the island through garrisons located in strategically placed fortresses. Most families of high nobility maintain their own private armies, paying a tribute to do so. These private armies are sworn to the service of Cos and the regular army in any time of crisis.

To the west of the massive Gorean continent lies Thassa, a vast ocean. No one knows where Thassa ends or what might lie beyond it. The "World's End" is a term used to describe the area of Thassa that lies beyond the islands of Cos and Tyros. There are only a few small, close islands west of Cos and Tyros. It is a legendary place as no one has ever sailed there and returned. Some say that Thassa is endless. Others claim that it is protected by clashing rocks, monsters, and by mountains that can pull the nails from ships. Others say the end of the world is sheer and a ship might plunge over the edge, falling for days through emptiness, until fierce winds break it apart. In the maelstroms southwest of Tyros, shattered ship planking is sometimes found which adds to the mystery.

Cos is a mountainous island, even loftier than Tyros, though it does have some level fields to the west. There are many terraced areas of Cos and Ta grapes are grown on many of them. Like Tyros, family is very important on Cos. The Cosian color is blue. There are a series of northern islands near Cos. They are numerous but small, extending in an archipelago like a scimitar northeastward from Cos. The islands are not united and their governments are usually no more than a village council. They commonly do possess any sea vessels larger than clinker-built skiffs and coasters.

The famed Ta grape, is usually associated with Cos though it is also grown in various locales in similar latitudes. Some of these grapes can get as large as a small plum. If eaten, they may often be peeled. They can also be used to make Ta wine. There is no description in the books as to the color or taste of Ta wine. It is likely that like many other wines, it comes in a variety of colors and tastes. The best Ta wines probably come from Cos though some other areas make good Ta wine as well.

Rules of the Port

The most important rule is We dont want Drama, so leave it at the door. If you bring it in, you will be warned, and if you dont respect the given warning, you will be removed.

Be warned Roomowner with advice of Section Lead have the final word, what they say goes. You don't like it, then dont come in

1. Observation is allowed, after seeking permission. then please put -0- with your name, both Free and slave. Slaves are granted 1 visit only, then your subject to a collar.Free you be asked to join in the rp after your first visit.
We do not alow Anonymous lurking, it does not matter if you have a character or not.
If you need to leave the rp but dont want to leave the room, post a AFK, and you be on the safe side.
We frown upon line Posting, either rp or DONT.

2.FULL KILL/CAPTURE/MIRROR ROOM. Prodigy Rules apply here. however the reply time per attack/counter in any form is extended to 20 minutes per post rather see detail and readable fights over some cobbled up mess **Currently we do not accept raids, due to the fact we dont have enough fighting FM in the home. As soon as this changing we will be open to them** All combat is judged by the RC unless he's involved. If that is the case a judge will be decided on by all combatants. No NPC kills will be acknowledged from those not in tags of the Port of Cos

3. We do not allow GENDER BENDING, DUALING or the use of NPC children under the age of 18 in Port of Cos.
We DO alow a secondairy characters,and transgender this will have to be posted on the boards so we know

4. FW are welcome, Work your caste. RP does not come from sitting on your ass drinking Blackwine.

5. Assassins, Merchenaries and Thiefs are welcome to rp their caste and affairs within the Port of Cos
[Do give the roomowner the headsup if or when Your marked.]

6. Everyone entering Port of Cos will do so with a proper name.

7. This is a drama free room Leave the drama at the door. This is strictly rp. Don't come in and piss and moan in pm to the Free Men about who's done this or who's done that.
You will be removed from the room We are all adults so behave as such.

8. Room Mod's reserve the right to boot those that cause trouble within the home.

9.We try to keep the ooc to a minimum, keep it for pm or skype. Whatever is said on skype, does NOT apply on Gor. What is said on skype stays on skype. Period..

10. Messengers come in, in full tags, so that means use a name and whom you are there to deliver the messege to.. if you do not apply by these rules you will be removed from the room.
enslaved do not recieve messeges

11. no site poaching is allowed if are caught doing such you will be killed then banned. for those ignorant to what that means if a slaves on this site they stay on the site until released from collar

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