Port Kar

Dark Jewel of the Thassa

Port Kar is located in the northern hemisphere of Gor, situated at the northwest corner of the Vosk Delta.
The delta provides Port Kar with an excellent eastern defense as it is nearly impossible to march large armies or sail warships through the treacherous marshes of the delta to attack Port Kar.
On the other hand, this defense works against Port Kar by not permitting it to sail to the Vosk River and avail itself of the lucrative markets that exist there.
To the west of Port Kar is the Tamber Gulf, an area of strong tides but it is Port Kar's access to the waters of Thassa.
The nearest solid land to Port Kar is about one hundred pasangs to the north but that land is hundreds of pasangs away from any city.
Nearly the only reasonable method to attack Port Kar is from the sea.


Port Kar also claims sovereignty over several areas, called preserves, within the northern forests.
This provides the city with its much needed timber such as tur wood, Ka-la-na, Tem-wood, and needle trees.
This timber is especially crucial to their ship construction industry.
Every time they open a new preserve, there is an elaborate ceremony held with proclamations and trumpets.
The preserves are most often located near rivers to make it easier to transport the timber. Each preserve is posted with signs and surrounded by ditches to keep out cattle and unlicensed wagoners.
Port Kar assigns Wardens to guard the preserves and also to maintain and forests.
They ensure the signs remain posted, repair any problems with the ditches, plant new trees, trim trees and stop thieves.
They must often work at aiding certain trees to grow and develop into certain shapes, needed for their ships.
Wardens have a very important function. The Warden's work will be examined each year by an Inspectors.
Even trees that are located outside of these preserves may be claimed by Port Kar.
The tree will be marked with the sign of the Arsenal and then a record kept by the Council of Captains.
In addition, Port Kar does purchase some timber from the Forest People within the northern forests.

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Port Kar is based on the Gor novels by John Norman.
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