As your feet leave the plank and land upon the docks,
your eyes adjust while your sense of smell seems
to cause you to wish you had never inhaled. Welcome to Port Kar,
the largest port in Gor where trading, training and
many other things seem to happen. If you are willing to
come in and give us a try then I bet your willing to enjoy
your stay in such a home that has much to offer. Welcome
to the Unchained side of Life.


Rules of RPO will be followed
No one under 18 permitted in the room or on site
This is not a Mirrored Room. We steal, collar, and simply take what steps through our doors
Collaring, Trading, Training, and Many other things are allowed here
What gets collared here stays on RPO.
This room is run by a council, it welcomes all Gorean homes to come as one to rp.

This is a Site ran room, All rp of Importance should be posted on the RPO Board, to be judged, anything relating to combat, collaring and or caging. If you have any questions find an Admin.

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