Welcome to the City of Treve

"Treve was alleged to lie above Ar, some seven hundred pasangs distant, and toward the Sardar. I had never seen the city located on a map but I had seen the territory she claimed so marked. The precise location of Treve was not known to me and was perhaps known to few save its citizens. Trade routes did not lead to the city and those who entered its territory did not often return. There was said to be no access to Treve save on tarnback and this would suggest that it must be as much a mountain stronghold as a city." Book 3, Priest-Kings of Gor, Pages 60 - 61

"There was said to be no access to Treve save on tarnback and this would suggest that it must be as much a mountain stronghold as a city." Book 6, Raiders of Gor, Page 60

From the dawn of time, the Voltai rose high above the flat lands. Holding within it a hidden citadel, a fortress that was unknown to all but those whose birth right had allowed them to become apart of a city feared by many. Whose warriors were some of the fiercest men upon all of Gor. A city that was inaccessible, except by tarn, those fierce beasts that thunder through the skies, like a bolt let loose from a well aimed bow. Treve, a savage city upon an equally savage world.

Those who attempt to explore or invade the Voltai in hopes of discovering the location of Treve are most likely to first encounter one of the various mountain outposts of Treve. These outposts are intended to intercept invaders, to prevent them from gaining closer access to the city-state of Treve. These outposts do not remain passive. They send out patrols to travel randomized paths through the mountains to seek out interlopers. There is a certain line of interdiction, not specifically marked within the mountains, from which anyone who passes without authorization is said to never return. Due to the various dangers of the Voltai, few people except for armed parties willingly brave, on foot, the perils of the mountains. Travel by tarn is the far more common method of transport, thus avoiding many potential threats.

Rules of the Treve.

~ Full Kill/Capture/Mirror Room. A judge will be decided on by all combatants. As for the Mirror Room portion, this means if We can't do it in your room it won't be happening in Mine

~ Secondary characters are allowed in just make sure it is on our messegeboard,
however dualing is not alowed If you are caught dualing punishment will be the death of your character present.

~ All types of People are Welcome in Treve, but You are expected to work Your Caste.

~ Assassins and Mercenaries,are welcome to rp their caste and affairs on Treve, If they can find it.
Again inform the RC about your intentions before taking your mark

~ This is a drama free room. Leave the drama at the door. This is strictly rp. Do not come in seeking drama.
You will be warned and if you do not heed warning You Will Be removed from the room. .

~ The RC has final say in Treve and reserve the right to boot. ~ We try to keep the OOC to a minimum. Keep it for PM or Skype. Whatever is said on Skype, Discord,
MSN, Yahoo or any other messenger platforms does NOT apply on Gor.

~ Messengers will come in with full tags and a yellow slash. Enslaved do not receive messages from Messengers.

~ No site poaching or room poaching is allowed towards anyone's property in the room or of the site.
If you are caught doing such in the room, your character will be killed or even enslaved.

~ Please roleplay Your way into Treve properly, don't just appear somewhere. Gor doesn't have magical teleportation devices. RP your way in
~ Takes at least rp 2 posts to get into Treve on Tarn and 4 when on foot

~ Gender Bending Play is not alowed
~ All RPO rules apply
~ Until the home has a chance to grow and prosper, NO Kills or Raids will be accepted.

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