You handed your coins to the boatman. He took them without looking and guide the boat up river. It was a trip past vibrant mountains and forests calming you into relaxation and sleep. As you awoke there is a fog covering the river , as if a ghost was spreading itself over the land. A break shows you a port, a small city and a hill. On top is the castle. Perfectly suited for defense and guarding the river below it. The pilot expertly guides the ship to the dock. Helping you and any baggage you may have off he shakes your hand and says

Welcome to the Rhinegiest Castle

~ ALL RPO Site Rules Apply.
~ Rhinegiest is in an independent nation and world. Non historical but inspired but the baronies of Germany and Counties of England/Ireland
~ No magic, elves, faires, werewolves, vampires are around. Strictly human based. Though we are more liberal regarding womens roles in the world.
~ Somethings are meant to be private. While room ownership is open minded please keep adult things in PM.
~ NO children characters are allowed.
~ NO Slaves. All of the servants are well paid for their services.
~ Please do not come in with a title. The King is the only titled person. While he may bestow titles on others, don't think you can just have one. The exception is if you are a character with Title from a current room on RPO or another site.
~ This is a non-kill room unless with prior agreement between the players.
~ Please were tasteful clothes.

The Kings's word is law in the lands though he does listen to his advisers. - Room Entrance
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