Cove of Serpents and Policy

1. THIS IS A ROLE PLAY ROOM -Enter, role play how you got here. You must enter by way of the Docks because we are in a hidden cove surrounded by high mountains for ship access is all that is available. So make sure you have that proper name and come role ply yourself right into the room
2. Your Name - Before entering you should take a gorean name. If you do not take a name, you will be asked to take one, if you don't, you will be booted. Anonymous is not a valid name. 3. Anonymous of any sort - Those with no names or improper ones will be advised once and if they do not respond they Will be BOOTED!!
4. The Cove is a Full Capture/kill mirror zone. Simply put if you cannot do it in your home you will not do it here.
5. The High Jarl is the full and final authority over all role play that take place in the in the Cove
6. Visitors- .ALL ARE WELCOME, but your behavior dictates whether or not you remain that way.
7. Free Men -are expected to act with respect and honor.
8. Free Women -You too will act with respect and honor, you will have an escort (NPC ALLOWED). Remember you are allowed to be free simply because men allow it so act accordingly or wear a collar. Improper actions can get you caged or Collared
9. Bondmaids/slaves -Owned -If your owner allows you here , you ae welcome, misbehave and you will be caged, owner contacted , given three days to come get you, failure to do that and you get the fantastic Cove collar. Uncollared -Yes you will automatically get that Cove Collar
10. Captures -are limited to members of Cove of Serpents with some exceptions. Those exceptions can only be done with express permission from the High Jarl or Room Mods
11. Observers -add the ~o~ and come into the room , contact a member of the room and advised them you are observing- you may greet as a courtesy but no role playing is to be done or you too will get a Cove collar (If you are new to Gor let us know we are here to help you enjoy the world of Gor)
12. Assassins - will NOT be allowed to fill-full contracts.
13. Panthers - are NOT allowed (since they have no means of getting here would be unrealistic to let them here)
14. Messengers-Wear the Yellow Sash come in and deliver your message quickly and depart. If you are going to stay, you will need to put on your full tags. Remember to be mindful there is role play going around you
15. All Raids must be coordinated and approved by the Room Leader prior to enactment.
16. Combat: Will be in accordance with Role Play Oasis combat rules.
17. Offensive Actions
� we are all here to enjoy role play, not become burdened with drama. DO NOT bring OOC drama into this home. It will not be tolerated. This includes both public and private posts in our room.
� OOC harassment of any type WILL result in you being banned from the home.
� Insults towards anyone in the room or about the room will get you an instant boot. We will not tolerate it. Repeated harassment and/or offenses will be reported to the Site Owner and we will establish a ban from our room.
18. Private messages -to both Free and slaves is not permitted without public consent, Doing so; the person being Pied may script such and report the violation of the rule, and action will be taken. Only private messages that are allowed are those of the Leader to the slaves of the Home, or the room Moderator should they have issue of any violation to any Rules that have been posted? (Always ask to pm anyone every visit, because you have been given permission today doesn't give you rights to pm tomorrow)