Pompeii; Beautiful, prosperous, offering about every amenity a Roman could want. Settled in 320 BC.
we find ourselves in the year 80 BC just after Pompeii became a Roman Colony.
Pompeii is a 'melting pot" of the many cultures in the Roman Empire, we have citizens from Africa, from Judea (Jews/Christians), Gallics, Spanish (Hispania)...Franks (France)...even Angles (English) or Britons.

The Roman navy is based across the Bay from Pompeii. The city is at it's peak 11,000 people strong boasting of a complex water system,
an amphitheatre, gymnasium, and a port. The city is rich in art and culture and also sports a huge public pool, many public baths, shops of great variety to
buy whatever your heart desires and what port would be complete without the brothels teaming with beautiful women.
Agriculture in the city and in the rural areas was strong. The soil rich with deposits from Mount Vesuveus that towered over Pompeii.
So come to vacation in the great city of Pompeii or come to stay! We welcome you to experience complete indulgence and enjoy the vast riches of our beautiful city.


1. All RPO rules shall be adhered to.
2. Please use an appropriate name. Anons, dots etc. will be asked to get a name 1 time only.
3. This is not Gor or Vamps etc. This is Pompeii in Rome. Please role play in this time and place only.
4. Limited OOC is allowed if it pertains to RP. If you want to talk about what you had for dinner last night etc. Please take it to PM.
5. No OOC Drama.
6. Have fun!


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