The Larius River Logging Camp


Situated 900 pasangs upriver fromn the Larius Exchange Point lies the Larius River Logging Camp. Perhaps, the only bit of civilization in the long river trek from the Exchange to the River-De-Bois. Surrounded by palisade walls the hearty men and women make their living through the lumber market. Axes chopping into trees and the sound of the whine of saw blades at the saw mill slicing through thick logs continues for as long as the sun is in the sky. Life is rough and ready here away from the comforts of city life and the strictures of civilization. The air is crisp and clean and the forest full of danger. The Camp is one of the last few settlements before you reach the deep wilds of the Northern Forest. Come here to work, vacation or stay! The adventure of a Gorean lifetime is here.

Please note: it takes about 2 minutes to read an entry page. Entering the room means that you have read and understand the rules. Claiming ignorance of the rules will not protect you, be you Free or slave.


1. All RPO rules will apply and be adhered to.

2. Some OOC is allowable. Funny shit happens and you need to have the freedom to lol ond/or make it more fun. Please limit it and don't allow it to interupt RP extensively.

3. Secondary Characters and genderbending are not allowed here. Transgender is allowed as long as you are honest about it. Animals played are not considered secondary characters.

4. Please roleplay. Sitting at the fire all the time being chatty and flirty may be part of roleplay but, certainly not all of it. Get up off your ass and do something. We won't kick you out for it but, it does ruin the concept of a Gorean room and if you do it, others will follow. This room does adhere to the caste system. Use it for something other than decoration. While we do border Torvaldsland, even Torvies had more to do with their time than fondle bonds and swill mead.

In Character Rules:

1. See number 4 OOC Rules.

2. Thought posts are not accepted as role play. But, if you are *thinking* rude and abusive comments/thoughts towards another be ready to own your crappy behavior and pay for it. Emotions can be read through body language and on a person's face. Saying my face was very calm but, I was thinking *fuck you very much* isn't going to cut it. Don't do it or be ready to face the consequences without drama or whining.

3. FM, FW, and slaves are all welcome here. FW do not need an escort NPC or otherwise to be safe. Uncollared slaves are considered Free, with or without capital letters on their names, but, if you walk in calling people Master/Mistress or act in any other fashion slave like, including your avatar you will be expected to submit, be collared, ask to stay in the slave kennels to get to know the Home better before deciding or if you are causing disruption be told to leave. Collared slaves must have permission from their Owners to visit. If there is no permission the slave will be caged and the Owner notified. If said Owner does not come to collect Their slave within a hand, the slave will be auctioned off. If no one bids on the slave, the slave becomes the property of the Camp.

4. Raids are not currently allowed. There simply isn't enough FM here to make it viable.

5. Slaves are responsible for their own behavior here. We don't care who your owner is or if they get mad at your treatment. If you are being a disrepectful tool, you will get beaten, whipped, chained, caged, raped or whatever else the insulted Free deems necessary excpet for death. In the case of uncollared slaves, death continues to be an option. Slave fights are allowed and will be judged by prodigy rules. Slaves are men and women and sometimes men and women get into physical battles. The Free ignored them. If there does happen to be a slave that is consistently bullying other slaves you will be noticed. Watch your step. Slaves will be expected to work. This is a logging Camp and sitting around gabbing is not going to happen. If you have finished chores for the day/hand find something fun to do. Swimming, fishing, going for a walk. No sitting around.

6. Free- if you so choose to punish a slave that isn't yours, and you anger another Free in the process, be ready to deal with the fallout. A fight can break out here at any time and will be judged by Prodegy rules.

7. Safety zones are in green. Unsafe zones are in red. Anything can happen to anyone in a red zone.

8. Panthers and Outlaws are welcome to work, trade or vacation here.

9. The rules are subject to change at any time. Pandora and her Co-Admin's word is final.

10. This is a Gorean roleplay room. Violence and sex either outloud or privately will happen. If you don't care to see it, hit ignore or leave.