"It had been thought, and shown on many maps, "I said. "that the subequatorial Cartius not only flowed into Lake Ushindi, but emerged northward, traversing the sloping western flatlands to join the Vosk at Turmus. Turmus was the last major river port on the Vosk before the almost impassable marshes of the delta."--Explorers of Gor, page 16

"The major towns west of Port Cos, discounting minor towns, were Tetrapoli, Ven and Turmus, Ven at the junction of the Ta-Thassa Cartius and the Vosk, and Turmus at the eastern end of the Vosk's great delta, the last town on the river itself."
--Rogue of Gor, page 65

The City Leader is the ONLY judge for the Turmus if a judge is called for.

NPC and Turmus characters are used in the Turmus BY MEMBERS of this room to enhance the roleplay. These characters CAN inflict injuries within our home when used by Members to defend. The NPC and Turmus characters will be Used by Free room Members Per the City Leader's approval.


Black Caste, 2 entry posts and 2 exit posts are needed to get into and to leave Turmus. You may not be acknowledged until you are in the same pulldown, anything else your RP will not be valid. ALL Marks MUST be approved by the Leader of the home before they can be acted upon (( leader informed of whom the mark is --and no marking of slaves will be valid ))

NO One gets past the city guards if they are not known to the city guards.

Observers are allowed. Add an ~O~ to your name. You may only observe and if permitted ask polite questions, do NOT join in the RP if Yyou wear the ~O~ as that will make Yyour Observing status void and Yyou will have to deal with the consequences.

This room is based on the Gor books by John Norman.

The room leader has final say in any disputes that occur within this room.

By voluntarily entering this room, you are indicating that you are over 18, and that you have read and accept the rules on this page.

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