Messenger Rules

A name is required to chat within this room. 1st last and ONLY WARNING
This means a messenger must Enter IN Char with their Name and wear a yellow sash with who their message is for,

You will enter and act with respect or be removed after 1 warning.

Anonymous names will be removed before they have a chance to deliver their message.

slaves do not receive PM Messages from anonymous messengers or deliver to a Free any message they receive in PM's .


Read ALL the rules before entering. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.

  • A name is required to chat within this room.
  • This is a Members Only COLLAR / CAPTURE / KILL. ZONE
  • MIRROR ROOM(( if we can't enter and Kill in your home--your not doing so in here. ))
  • No Gender Bending.
  • No Dualing.
  • If you are caught Dualing OR gender bending you will be banned.
  • City Leader's word is the ONLY Law.
  • No Raids Or Wars accepted
  • All site rules are followed.
  • this Home is a DRAMA FREE Zone -- break this rule and BOTH offender and offendee will suffer for it.
  • IF you have been banned, you will be booted on sight. 1st, last and ONLY warning.
  • ignorance in following the Rules will cause Your Death since ignorance IS not an excuse.

A note to BlackCaste-
Rules for Assassins, as follows.

Ignorance is not tolerated.

You must have permission from the Administrator/Room Leader, and Your mark clearly defined before it will be accepted.

Turmus requires 2 entry and exit posts before your Roleplay will be considered valid.

Turmus is always guarded, if the guards do not know you, they will stop you. No one will get past the guards. and if captured/collared or caged, escape IS not possible - the guards WILL stop escape attempts.

We are a Multi Cultured Community with a strong Torvie influence. The girls here are bondmaids, and act that way.

Observers are Permitted.
You will be required to wear an ~O~
Observers can observe/ask questions in PM.
Observers DO NOT interact in RP.
IF you do interact, you will no longer be observing - and there will be consequences.


"It had been thought, and shown on many maps, "I said. "that the subequatorial Cartius not only flowed into Lake Ushindi, but emerged northward, traversing the sloping western flatlands to join the Vosk at Turmus. Turmus was the last major river port on the Vosk before the almost impassable marshes of the delta." page 16--Explorers of Gor
"The major towns west of Port Cos, discounting minor towns, were Tetrapoli, Ven and Turmus, Ven at the junction of the Ta-Thassa Cartius and the Vosk, and Turmus at the eastern end of the Vosk's great delta, the last town on the river itself." page 65--Rogue of Gor

The City Administrator is the ONLY judge for Turmus .
MEMBERS ONLY may use NPCs during their Roleplay in Turmus, and only upon approval of the Room/City Leader..These NPCs can and will inflict damage if needed to defend their home. so don't push Your Luck

This room is based on the Gor books by John Norman.

The room leader has the ONLY say in ALL problems/issues that occur within this room.
By choosing to enter this room, you are indicating that you are over 18, and that you have read and accept the rules on this Entry page.


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