Welcome to Star Trek: Archangel

This a subroom for Archangel with the premise of having no set ship, no set crew; meaning anyone wanting to run something has the opportunity to do so. You will just need to get the bodies to put your roleplay together.

For example, you had a roleplay idea, you've wanted to go with, but timing or location, didn't fit into the main room. Here you can gather folks, run it out of a different ship, your timing and your chosen location. The subroom has been set up with a generic ship, planet and station pulldowns, which could work for any species, so there could be even possible Romulan or Klingon roleplay adventures or play that would not be allowed in the main room such as Section 31 type, or even a backstory for characters. Here you can be lost, found and run Lost Era, TMP, TOS or even Enterprise era stories. You are limited only by your imagination and what characters you can pull together to make it your own.

Use this subroom to be a storyteller, tell the story and have a good time with it.

Room Rules

  1. No Cannon Star Trek Characters. (We are sorry though you grew up on the Adventures of Kirk and Picard and their Crews we cannot allow the characters from those Series to be used in this room.
  2. This room is normally set after the Events of Star Trek X (Nemesis) and the current year of the room timeline is 2389, though sometimes there will be roleplay going on with diffrent periods in history. Please keep that in mind when Role-playing
  3. We welcome observers to the rp and encourage you to ask questions, but we ask two things from you in return. One please take a proper name, No using Anonymous, ...., etc for a name, And please be courteous and do not disrupt rp if it is progress.
  4. If you wish to join the RP please note that Founders, Q, Borg, Androids and other sorts of Super Beings are not allowed.
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