Rome is a city of life, people from all over the world come to see its wonders. The history of its time spand over two thousand years. It is the unknown history of Rome that has returned to it. A bright and cheerful day is cast into darkness, a cold chill runs throughout the city. A once rumored Villa appears upon the grounds it once stood and a mysterious voice flowed through the streets to the ears of the people. It said to them "We are among you" and just as the darkness had came, it also had disappeared into the Colosseum where it remains. Many had attempted to see within the Colosseum, but none had returned so it has become closed off to all. Since that day, there have been reports in the newspaper of strange sightings of once believed fictional creatures. Till one night the people came to fright as an evil appeared and slaughtered many before being defeated by a single man, from that night on this man proclaimed to all that they will no longer hide among the mortals and to show themselves to the ci ty. Since then creatures of fiction have walked the city night and day, what does this mean for Rome and its people? Come and find out at Wages of Sin, only on Roleplay Oasis.


1: No Anonymous allowed, pick a name when entering this room, or take a boot. Observe all you like, but do so with a name. 2: No ooc drama of any kind, take it out of this room if you want to cause it. Keep ooc to a minimum so as to not interrupt Role-Play. 3: This is a Limited Kill/Capture and Mirror Room. Mirror means if I can't do it in your room, you won't be doing it here. Limited means that you must have an approved character sheet and the Kill/Capture must be agreed upon between all players involved and okayed by the Room Leader. 4: Keep all Avatars tasteful, no full frontal nudity. 5: No Role-Playing of children in any kind, meaning no children npcs either. 6: After a week of playing in this room your are required to fill out a character sheet if you wish to play anything more than a human character. Visitors from other rooms are not required to fill out a character sheet so long as your character belongs to the room they came from. 7: All RPO site rules apply. 8: Have fun and enjoy your time here.

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