It is said that the laws of any city extend as far as its walls. This is true by and large. Once past those protective walls a traveler is on his own. Outside city walls there are those who are outlawed from their respective cities. There are wild animals. There are pitfalls and ambushes by bandits. Gor is not kind. Gor is harsh. When you step outside the protections of your society, be prepared. Many disappear in the wild areas of Gor, never to be seen again. The question you must ask yourself is- Do you have what it takes to survive the wilderness? Come on in and find out.

** Notice: This room allows cross gender roleplay. it is considered polite to inform your fellow RPers that you are playing a different gender than the one assigned to you at birth. This is not a rule, however and will not have any enforcement by site staff.

1.The Wilds is an area that is not controlled by any city. This means that you can be killed, collared, captured, etc. if you cant handle this, dont enter.
2.All roleplay must be realistic and pertaining to your correct location on Gor.
3. By entering this room you agree to all rules of Gor as stated on RPO's forum and understand that ignorance to any rule is not on the fault of RPO. You agree to follow all rules of Gor for general RP rooms and are subject to moderation by Admin.
4. No -o- or Annonymous names are allowed.
5. OOC will be limited to PMs only. All open chat is considered RP. This can and will be used against you. Outwardly demeaning emotives or "thoughts" may be considered to have facial expressions that displease and used against you. watch what you say and do not slander others in thought.
6. All Roleplayoasis rules apply.
7.Understand that out of character grudges have no place in this room, or any role play room worth its salt.

(This room is not a room for poaching onto other sites. Keep this in mind. We do not support offsite captures. We do not support poaching.)

1. Combat in this room is not limited to one system. should the parties involved not come to an agreement, an RPO staff member will set the terms. if this still is not agreeable, you have the option of retracting your RP from the room and going elsewhere. you only have this option once a scene ( the time you enter the room till the time you leave)
2. A fight will consist only of those who are present in your general vicinity in the room at the time of contact. you may not call in aid or send messengers. there would not be enough time on Gor. we are keeping it realistic.
3. NPC's(Non player characters) can be used during combat. The stipulation though is that they must be announced during your entry post into this room in order to be valid. There is no actual limit to the amount of NPC's you may have. But do have some common sense.
4. No combat will take place within the first 2 posts of entry. Defensive posts may take place during the last 2 posts of exiting the room.

1. You must use a Location pulldown in order to have valid roleplay.(This applies especially to combat)
2. Unlike other sites, we will not require a minimum post count of activity. You will however keep it realistic. A girl on foot will not outrun a man. No one will outrun a mounted rider... etc.
3. Again, travel will be realistic. It will not take you a day to travel across the continent.
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