Some frequently asked questions

Nice sales pitch. So what does it cost?

Okay.. here is the beauty of it. All of this is free! Yes, you can just walk in, start role playing, get help, make friends and no.. we're not charging you. You won't be asked for credit card info, or Pay pal.. you can just go and play! Oh, and bring your friends! If you've been here a few weeks or months and you love it, we would love it if you considered a membership. Memberships start at 15 dollars for 4 months and go up to 35 dollars for a year (So.. less than 3 dollars per month) for normal memberships. We don't force these on anyone. If you spend a few hours here several times a week fighting dragons, it's a great way to support us (server costs and all that). It's cheaper than a big mac and healthier too.

Holy Mackerel! I go into the room and I stand there with my little white "star lord" name and all around me are giant pictures with castles and star ships and stuff as people speak! I feel weird and out of place!

Avatars help you visualize something about the character. They're not always direct representations of the character but they say something about how the person sees their character. They give.. a hint. People make them for themselves in photoshop and with some simple html code where you put your name, everyone darts around in them. If you want one.. just ask. Just about every room has someone who can make them. And if they don't have one.. you can find one.

Hey, I love all this stuff, but I noticed you don't have a Supernatural room! I really want to play Supernatural!

If you are a member, and you think you have an awesome idea AND enough people who would join you... you can ask to start a new room. The success of new rooms depends both on the great idea AND on the amount of people that you share it with.

So with all that romance, how do I meet someone cool here?

We're not a dating site. As in every good story there are tales of true love and high adventure, but they are just stories. People can be happily married in real life and their characters be married or have a tragic romance with someone else. It's not unheard of for players and players' spouses to meet up once in a while. But on the site.. we just come together to play a part (or several parts).