What is HTML Roleplay?

It's a combination of being a writer and an actor at the same time. There are rooms, chat rooms, set up with different themes. You read the description of the rooms and see which one tickles your fancy. Do you like a visit to the middle ages? Would you love to be part of the world of Vampires and Men? Have you always seen yourself as part of the survivors after the zombie apocalypse? Or would you love to join the crew of a star ship? Here on RPO you will find rooms that allow you to step in any of these tales. Just hover your mouse over the descriptions you find on the Whochat and you can see what goes on. The rooms are divided by theme, to make it easier to find what you like

How do I get started?

Under the rooms you can see names of the people currently in that room. Some rooms will be empty often, others will have people in there almost every night. Some will have people in during the day. An empty room is a bit like an empty stage or an empty film set. You can walk in there and perhaps catch some echo's of what is going on by reading the posts of people that were in before you. But there is not really much to do at the time, except find out who you want to be in the story yourself. Look through the menu of pulldowns to see the locations that are offered. The holo deck and the bridge. The village, the great hall, the kitchens of the castle or simply the road. If a room name has colored (white, purple, blue, green) names under it.. that means there are people in and they're playing. Why don't you join them?

When you go into a room

Each room has stories going on. There are people who have steady characters that they play in these rooms, so you can't just go in and declare you're the captain of the spaceship, the princess of the castle or the biggest, baddest, vampire in town. Some of the information you want can be found on each room's website. It's usually linked on the opening page. But if you are impatient, just have a quick look at the rules, and then.. ask your questions in person. Can I be a knight? Which books are you based on? What is the story going on right now? How can I create my own? I have 20 years of old school table top RP.. how does it translate? People LOVE to share their hobby so you will most likely get answers and invitations to join in!.

How does it work?

Where it says "screen name" put in a name. If you're new, this doesn't have to be the name you stick with but try to find something that fits with the theme. Don't chose "The Naked Cowboy" if you're going into a medieval room. Elizabeth, Joseph, John, or Knight of the glittering Sun will do perfectly well. Then just click on enter room.

You're now in the room. Talking to people works like a normal chat room. The only difference is that you're now presumed to be in character. You've become an actor on the stage. If you're new.. just say that and people in there will help you out further. You can choose to address someone by choosing their name from the drop down list that starts with 'everyone'. If you can't find the name you're looking for in the pulldown, just say so. Some people use a little tag line for their character, so you might be looking for Elizabeth, while in the pulldown "Nightingale Weeping" is what you need.

What else do I need to know?

People who role play online LOVE their hobby. Some of them have learned endless details about Star Trek, Hunger Games, Sons of Anarchy or obscure medieval history. Others just love a sweeping adventure and romance. There is room for all of these. It's great fun to come home after a day of work, take care of the children and then.. for a few hours step into a wonderful world of adventure.

The biggest difference between this and a MUDD game or any online game is that the control is completely in your hands. Nobody steers the story except you.

In the rooms, people make a story together. That means that you can't just invent a giant army in a room that has had a peaceful existence for three decades. Talk to people, respect each other, and each other's character. That doesn't mean all characters have to be friends or friendly. We've seen people gleefully attempt to kill one another as characters while the players behind the scenes ran a hilarious commentary and blow by blow.

Finally.. some rules

1.NO MINORS allowed. We're firm on that. And yes.. we will find out somehow. Roleplay oasis has many rooms where you'd never see a thing that's not suitable for a 13 year old, places where you could take your granny. There are also rooms where that is NOT the case. Because there is adult content on the site, minors are not allowed. There are federal regulations in place to protect minors, and even if you are 17 and as world wise as they come, please don't make us boot you out for good. Wait a few more months and then take the plunge.
2. If you have a problem... site staff is here to help you. Whether it's just a question, a problem with someone, something you saw that makes you uncomfortable.. call on staff! We love to help. Here is how to contact us: (link or emails or whatever you want to put here.)
3. There are some general site rules besides this, you can find them HERE
4. Several rooms are based on Fandoms. RPO is NOT affiliated with the copyright owners of the original movies, tv series or books. Like fanfic, and under the fair use clause we spin our own stories and use our imagination. The series, books, movies or images are just the spark, and we are the tinder to create a fire and a story.