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- Tarn of the Sea -

Port Kar, is crowded, squalid, and malignant, is sometimes referred to as the Tarn of the Sea. Her name is a synonym in Gorean for cruelty and piracy. The fleets of tarn ships of Port Kar are the scourge of Thassa, beautiful, lateen-rigged galleys that ply the trade of plunder and enslavement from the Ta-Thassa Mountains of the southern hemisphere of Gor to the ice lakes of the North; and westward even beyond the terraced island of Cos and the rocky Tyros, with its labyrinths of vart caves. Kar also has merchant ships that trade in many goods, some specialised"
Port Kar lies in the delta of the Vosk river, at the edge of the Tamber Gulf which leads to the Thassa. The nearest solid land is hundreds of pasangs away, across the marshes, Kar is a vast, disjointed mass of holdings each almost like a fortress, piled one upon the other crossed by hundreds of canals. The main ports through the city are the numerous water canals. There are no cylinders like other regions of gor. its Windows are fifteen or so feet off the ground, where torches were lit in a few of the windows. Port Kar is a dangerous city to exist in. It is stated even in freedom and Veiled,that the Port Karian Women were the most magnificent creatures across gor.
Wagons were not permitted within the city, due to the small areas of passages, only 5 feet to a yard in width. There was very little of solid land mass, the narrow walkways. Small boats, skiffs like vessels were used to travel mainly through the city and moored at different points, much like Venice.

If you dare enter, do so at your own peril!

{ caution } Read The Rules

Rules and Guidelines

This room is for ADULTS ONLY, you must be 18 years old or over to enter. also NO underage avatars, PERIOD.

Free Men:
Free Men of the Home would need to be present should a raid take place. Free Men will be respectful while visiting Kar, NO threatening behaviour will be tolerated, If you are accompanied by a slave girl, you are responsible for there behaviour!

Free women:
Free Women of all castes are welcome , remember your status.

Panthers/Taluna are welcome, but will remain outside Kar gates unless disguised

are welcome in Kar but Blacks wishing to Hunt within its Port must seek consultation first with the Room Leader.

Kills and Captures:
All combat, captures and Collarings will be judged, the prodigy system applys here. If the Room Leader is directly involved He will appoint a third party to judge on there behalf.

Slaves & Bare-Necks:
Uncollared slaves without the -o- for observer will be seized upon entry. Collared slaves who enter without their Master must first have prior permission from the home to be here and will be respectful at all times, all wandering slaves will be caged for 24 hours before word is sent to there Owner/Home for them to be collected. after the 24 hours is up and the message has been sent, then and only then arrangement's will be made to collect the said slave in question .know your place or you will find a cage waiting for you.

Observers & visitors:
We welcome all observers and we are beginner friendly, simply add the -o- in your tags and if you have any questions feel Free to ask in the open room .

Gender Bending:
is NOT permitted within Kar, if you are caught playing a Male and your Female or vice versa you will be asked to leave the Home

Open Furring:
open furring is NOT permitted ( Period ), please be respectful to others and take it to Whisper

Second Characters:
are NOT permitted within Kar, chose 1 and build your r/p

All rules are subject to change depending upon circumstance

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